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4th Impact

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Who is 4th Impact?

When we count years in the industry, no one has more experience than 4th Impact. The Queens of P-Pop originally debuted in 2001 as the Cercado Sisters. Though they were only teenagers at the

time, the sisters have spent the last 21 years recording music, competing in contests, winning awards, and performing on stage and television.

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The Music

The ladies of 4th Impact have been making music for more than a decade and have recorded singles under several labels. Their most notable before the current era was 'K(no)w More' which they produced in 2020.

The latest phase of 4th Impact may be their greatest. They signed with ShowBT Philippines in 2021 and released their comeback single, 'Here

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We Go,' which was accompanied by an EP of the same name. Their 2nd single under ShowBT, 'Tapat Sa'yo' was released in July 2022. On top of headlining and co-headlining several successful concerts, they also host a weekly concert, 4th Impact Live.

Meet the Sisters

& Their Fans

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As a fanbase, 4th Impact's Dreamers have been with them for a long time. The most devoted have been with the sisters for nearly the entire two decades of their career, with a big chunk joining them after their stint on X-Factor UK. Today, their fans span the globe, much like 4th Impact's musical influence. 

As 4th Impact breaks through into their newest era, their fanbase is mobilizing as well. They have a trends team for twitter (@4iPHTrends), several big country fanbases and a loyal fanbases on YouTube and Patreon. 

Looking for More?

There is no long journey quite like the long journey of P-Pop Queens, 4th Impact. From their 2001 debut to their cover artist days, the successes and letdowns of competitions, and on to their first single, they've stuck together as sisters and artists.

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