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We Can Rise Together - One Fangirl Moment at a Time

P-Pop is the spirit of the Philippines and everything about it reminds us of the famed hospitality of it's homeland. It's a conversation; a meeting of friends; it promotes individuality & equality. Like it's homeland - it will NEVER give up. P-Pop’s devoted and outspoken fans are a lot like their artists. They are passionate to a fault and unspeakably loyal. Just like the Philippines, they never quit. 


Ramona Reyes | Co-Founder

Proud A'tin - SB19 is the first time in my life I've ever fangirled this hard over any group. I've been a writer and researcher since forever and a foodie when not at the keyboard. It's always been a dream to see OPM on the world stage; it adds another layer of spice to what's been cooking for years. World Music featuring music that's really from all over the world? That's a goal, and we're almost there.

Sam Jensen | Co-Founder

Also a Proud A'tin - SB19 is the first-ever group for which I've ever really been a fangirl. I watch C-dramas and play video games when I'm not writing or fangirling. I'm passionate about how we can bring unity to diverse groups and promote understanding and empathy. We are more alike than we are different, and it's time that we all remember that. We are stronger together than we can ever be divided.


Our goal is two-fold: to cross the cultural divide and set the record straight. We're proud to say our profiles are accurate (and cited)

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