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Who is FELIP?

Debut Date: September 18, 2021

Born Felip Jhon Suson, FELIP is best known as the main dancer of P-Pop boy group SB19. Hailing from Zamboanga del Sur on the island of Mindanao, FELIP began his career as a K-Pop cover dancer while attending college. Not confined to music, FELIP is also the CEO of SUperiorSON, a clothing line, and up-and-coming production company. Most importantly, he is fiercely proud of his Bisaya roots and writes his original songs in Bisaya, English, and Tagalog. 



Palayo (Away)

FELIP's debut song was first performed in August 2021 as part of SB19's Back in the Zone concert. Written in a mix of Bisaya and English, the track is the ultimate angry breakup song about choosing to walk away from a relationship gone sour. From the fashion to the dancing, the music video for 'Palayo' is a feast for the eyes. Not only does it remind viewers and listeners that FELIP is a main dancer, but also that he is a world-class singer and proud Bisaya.

Bulan (The Moon God)

With his sophomore single, the main dancer turned soloist is taking his role as ambassador of Filipino culture seriously. FELIP's second single in less than a year, 'Bulan' is written in Tagalog and accepts the challenge of depicting ancient Philippine mythology. References to the story of the Visayan moon dieties provide the music video's theme, but FELIP takes it a step further by using the myth of Haliya and Bulan's fight Bakunawa (The sea serpent God) as a metaphor for cancel culture. 


FELIP surprised his fans again with 'Rocksta' - the leadout track for his first EP. Written full in English, 'Rocksta' is an intricate exploration of genres that results in a stripped-down black and white music video. Riddles with metaphor, this hip/trap/heavy metal encourages his fans to follow in his footsteps and find their own path toward being their own person. It's an intimate glance into the mind of this intensely private artist. 

Looking for More?

Despite his self-described hatred of his deep voice in his early days as a performer, he found his way into SB19 through grit, determination, hard work, and a lot of blind faith. 


His solo debut? That came as a surprise to everyone

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