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What is P-Pop?

Let’s get the important question out of the way first. P-Pop is short for Pinoy Pop and is a genre of OPM or Original Pilipino Music. Like the other pop music genres of the world, P-Pop takes inspiration from many sounds and places. It highlights local traditional sounds and fuses them with international music like American Pop, Latin beats, and Asian Pop, including KPop, JPop, and CPop. Like its worldwide counterparts, P-Pop artists are men and women of all ages with loyal fans and strong fanbases. 

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Pinay Girl Groups

From the Queens of P-Pop to the OGs, Pinay (Filipino) girl groups are a strong but varied collection. Sisters, 4th Impact, are well known for their powerful debut on X-Factor UK and their soulful sound. Bubbly octet, BINI, have been dubbed "The Nation's Girl Group" with their sweet, bubblegum pop sound. MNL48 are the OG girl group, a sibling of Japanese pop group, AKB48. KAIA, the sibling group of P-Pop supergroup, SB19, and fellow Pinay group, 4th Impact, are rising firmly into their place. Finally, G22 are running right alongside their siblings, VXON.

1st Generation

Custom 4th Impact Logo
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