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Queens of P-Pop Rule the Stage With New Concert Series

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

The Queens of P-Pop are also the Queens of the stage, so it makes perfect sense that the ladies of 4th Impact should have a weekly concert event. That’s what we’ve been getting with 4th Impact Live Each week, the Cercado sisters are joined by special guests as they perform live on YouTube for their fans. Us? We’re here to tell you about the highlights.

June 12 - Episode One

4th Impact and Ez-Mil

As part of their new show, the Cercado Sisters are hosting well-known and rookie artists on 4th Impact Live and the first one is definitely the former. There is no better highlight piece than Ez Mil’s ‘Panalo’ for them to collaborate on. It starts with a vocal run by Almira that shocks even Ez Mil. It comes as no surprise when rappers Mylene and Celina step seamlessly into the songs’ signature rap verses, and, of course, as the group’s swagger, Irene is truly in her element throughout. The bigger surprise is when belter Almira steps in and holds her own singing alongside Ez Mil. The result is a spectacular, leveled-up performance that is fun, high in energy, and not afraid to be a bit irreverent when needs be. Overall a great start to 4th Impact Live.

June 19 - Episode Two

Lady Marmalade

The Cercado Sisters were meant to sing ‘Lady Marmalade.’ There. We said it. We’d never minimize the choreo in this number (especially the back-up dancers who are next-level fabulous), but one thing’s certain - this song is a vocal masterpiece that arguably improves on the original. ‘Lady Marmalade’ was originally sung by Mya, Pink, Lil’ Kim, and Christina Aguilera, and of course, each sister of 4th Impact takes on a part here as well. With Celina taking Mya’s signature opening, Mylene conquering Pink’s growling second verse, and Irene using her gift for swagger to cover Lil Kim’s rap. Of course, Almira takes on Christina Aguilera’s riffs and runs to finish the number. The sisters end the spectacular number together with their dancers, reminding us of the meaning of burlesque, and they are incredible.

Fathers’ Day Tribute

Peppered with sentiments to their father, the song is a beautiful tribute highlighting their love for their family and their vocal qualities.

There's no secret that 4th Impact values their family closely. Not only are they siblings themselves, but they have always been incredibly vocal about the importance of the support of their parents and other siblings. It’s no surprise that the sisters invited their father on stage as they sang Luther Vandross’ ‘Dance With My Father’ as a special Father’s Day number. Peppered with sentiments to their father, the song is a beautiful tribute highlighting their love for their family and their vocal qualities. Although let’s face it, those vocals are hardly a surprise anymore. These ladies can SING.

4th Impact and KAIA

We’ve never heard KAIA belt quite like they do in this song, but we are hungry for more collabs between these two groups.

4th Impact invited a different type of sibling group on stage with them this week to sing ‘Wings’ by Little Mix. Let’s be real; this collab between 4th Impact and KAIA is one that we could listen to over and over again. Nine voices singing the chorus together should have been too many, especially considering the different vocal qualities, but it simply isn’t the case here. Obviously, the five girls of KAIA are learning a lot from their ates (big sisters). The rookies are already incredible singers but sharing the stage with 4th Impact seems to bring out the absolute best in them. We’ve never heard KAIA belt quite like they do in this song, but we are hungry for more collabs between these two groups.

Unlock Golden Performance #1

The mash-up of ‘Express’ and ‘Show Me How You Burlesque’ was an unlocked performance from episode 2 of 4th Impact Live, and, needless to say, we are feeling a little spoiled. One thing is for sure: this song highlights the dance and choreo of the sisters and their back-up dancers. Just when you think that vocals are their greatest assets, they like to remind us that they are also dancers with fierce swagger. If this is what our loyalty unlocks? We will be loyal to these ladies all day long.

June 26 - Episode Three


The opening song, ‘Power,’ is all about Queens celebrating Queens [...]

The opening number to the June 26 episode of 4th Impact Live sets the mood like no other. This third episode was proudly dedicated to the LGBTQ+ community. The opening song, ‘Power,’ is all about Queens celebrating Queens, prompting the ladies of 4th Impact to take a knee to give the spotlight to their guests who are members of the LGBTQ+ community. One thing is for sure, the Cercado Sisters have a gift for bringing out the best in others and shining the spotlight on deserving performers.

4th Impact and Ace Banzuelo

It’s another spectacular collab performance for 4th Impact in episode 3 of 4th Impact Live. This time, they are working with self-taught singer and songwriter Ace Banzuelo to cover ‘Save Your Tears’ by The Weeknd. Their tribute to the LGBTQ+ communities is a beautiful number that both suits Ace perfectly while pulling a lesser-heard sound from the Cercado Sisters. All four sisters switch seamlessly from running their signature riffs to singing in the lower end of their vocal register to harmonize with Ace. The result is a beautiful song that makes all the artists look good - and we can hardly ask for more.

Unlock Golden Performance #2

We are definitely spoiled.

Another golden performance was unlocked, this time ‘Halo’ by Beyonce. The number rounds out the theme for the week as the sisters lead off the song with a slow, acoustic version, pausing to emphasize the line “I pray you won’t fade away.” When they move into the traditional arrangement of the song, it’s with the emotion already built. At the end of the day, Beyonce numbers are the perfect foil for the Cercado Sisters’ incredible voices. They give them all the room they need for their signature riffs and runs. We are definitely spoiled.


We've got a sneak peak of a couple of their performance videos right here, but check out our playlist for the full selection of highlight videos.

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