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New Music and All the Focus This Week in P-Pop

April 24, 2022 - April 30, 2022


Sa Paniginip Na Lang | Music Video

We hardly have the words to talk about ALAMAT's new single and music video Sa Panaginip Na Lang (Just in My Dreams). The six-member, multilingual boy group has stolen our hearts and robbed us of our wit (don't worry, we will find it again to write an article). Suffice to say that ALAMAT's new single, a heartbreaking ballad about choosing to live in a dream rather than in a harsh reality, is a dramatic shift that offers a breath of fresh air.


Alex Bruce

Bulls On Parade by Rage Against the Machine | Cover

No one can rock a hip-hop or heavy metal cover quite like rap prodigy Alex Bruce. This time, she's not just flexing her ability to cover Bulls on Parade; she's even written her own second verse in Filipino. We shouldn't be surprised at her songwriting skills. She's been writing her own lyrics since she was 11 years old. With Parallels PH accompanying her, this cover has Alex spittin' bars… just how we like it.



BINI Meets SB19 | Vlog

We love a behind-the-scenes blog, especially when it involves TWO of our groups! BINI and SB19 collaborated for the theme song of the current season of Pinoy Big Brother, Kabataang Pinoy (Pinoy Youth). The collaboration included a studio track, a music video, a live performance, and now a behind-the-scenes special. It's obvious the eight girls of BINI are a little nervous from the moment they meet. The sweet girls approach SB19 respectfully, but the boys aren't the type of idols to demand formality. It doesn't take long before the 13 performers are working together with energy, excitement, and honest friendship.

Pit a Pat | Lyric Video

Let's talk about Girl Power. If you don't remember that phrase, you can learn all about it with BINI's new single and lyric video, PIt a Pat. A colorful background and technicolor photos go great with the song's upbeat melody. The girls flex their power as they tell the boys, "I'm flattered, but it doesn't matter." They aren't about getting the boys' attention because they are going to bring the power and make it rain. BINI lives up to the hype with the final verse and chorus of the song performed in Filipino and written by the girls themselves. Let's just say we are looking forward to the MV.

Pit a Pat | Performance Video

An amusement park seems like an excellent place for a date, but that's not what BINI is here for in the performance video for Pit a Pat. No sooner did we ask for a music video than the performance video was posted. The ladies of BINI, in their technicolor outfits, bring serious energy to their performance video of Pit a Pat, their new single about girl power (literally the section above. Check it out). The choreo matches nicely, moving between their serious dance moves and mimicking cute childhood games. One question: am I the only one who can't stop looking at the bright blue boots? I mean, serious fashion statement there.


Blah Blah | Reaction Video

KAIA is finally here. I don't think we can say that enough. KAIA reacting to their first music video is a crash course in the members' personalities for sure. There's no cringe at all for these lively girls. They're too busy being kilig (excited) and playfully teasing each other, particularly for all having the same "boyfriend" in the music video. After the video ends, the girls remind us that they are the humble princesses of P-Pop. They spend the next few minutes thanking and appreciating everyone who made the video possible, including each other and their fans, ZAIA.



No Way Man Sheki and Ruth | OshiCams

It's no surprise that MNL48 picked Sheki and Ruth for the No Way Man Oshicam (like a focus cam. Don't worry, we had to look it up too). Sheki is a 1st generation member of MNL48 and has more than earned her spot as the center in No Way Man. She's the general captain of the group and one of the members of Team MII. Ruth earned her oshicam with her perfect performance in the MV. This first-generation member of MNL48 is a member of team NIV, and her execution of the choreography? On point.



PPopCon Bazinga Stell | Focus Cam

SB19 Official released the fifth and final focus cam from their PPOPCON performance of Bazinga. Why this song? A shiny new dance break brought renewed excitement to the track we've seen performed dozens of times at events. This last focus cam is particularly exciting since it's Stell. In addition to being the main vocal for SB19, Stell is also their choreographer, and (you guessed it) he choreographed the new dance break. SB19 Official previously released the focus cams of Josh, Justin, Ken, and Pablo but saved the Heavenly Voice for last. Check out the entire series on their YouTube Channel here.

EXPO 2020 Dubai | Vlog

SB19 has released their first vlog in months, and we are here for it. It was once a tradition for the boys to vlog every time they traveled for concerts and performances. Of course, the pandemic put an end to that. With restrictions easing up a bit, the boys are back in front of live audiences, and their performance at the Dubai 2020 Expo was the first in two years. They took a new spin on their traditional vlog this time. In addition to showing the sweet and silly boys abroad, they also showed a bit more of the process behind the scenes as they set up. Nerves? Rehearsals? Bad Jokes? A day in the life of five Filipino Idols.

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