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Extra Rice | Now Serving Hot Tea

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

July 3 - July 9

4th Impact

Here We Go | WishBus Guesting

With dance practice videos and focus cams, 4th Impact has been on our radar a lot lately. We've spent plenty of time praising their perfectly in-sync dancing and choreography. With the release of their WishBus performance of 'Here We Go,' we can finally focus solely on the unreal vocals of the Cercado Sisters, and make no mistake - they are unreal. The WishBus guesting came as part of the promotions for the 1st ever PPOPCON, which brought the biggest P-Pop acts from around the Philippines together on one stage. For the ladies of 4th Impact, it was a triumphant return to WishBus after 18 months. Of course, no one produces a better live recording than Wish, and this recording seriously celebrates 4th Impact. Vocal control and belting are their brands, and they're delivering that in this performance. Needless to say, these ladies could put the people who make autotune out of business.

Cup of Hot Tea

With the announcement of a new single, the Queens of P-Pop are riding the wave of their successful comeback in style. In addition to the single, 'Tapat Sa'yo,' they've also promised a music showcase and fan gathering. Make no mistake, that fan gathering is sure to be an exciting and heartfelt event for 4th Impact and their Dreamers who have been with them over the years and finally get to see their idols finding success. With an excruciating 12 more days until the release of 'Tapat Sa'yo', we'll just be here … impatiently waiting.



Say U Love Me | Music Video

We're still coming up with the necessary superlatives to describe ALAMAT's new era (don't worry, we'll get there soon). One thing is for sure, they are rising to meet the challenge of a new era, a new sound, and the new opportunity to rise to new heights.' Say U Love Me' is a mixed Taglish/Bisaya R&B song about the stages of ending a toxic relationship. The vocals are everything we expect from ALAMAT and more, but it's the music video that's blowing our minds. It's a delightful mix of gritty and sensual that both honors the group's past and steps far away from it. It's a new sound and a new look for ALAMAT, and let's just say… we hope Magiliw are still breathing.

It seems like ages since ALAMAT first revealed the title of the first song from their upcoming (title yet unrevealed) mini-album. Now that 'Say U Love Me' has premiered, our gaze is starting to turn back to that map and wonder when the next palayok will be broken. 'Say U Love Me' is one of the six new songs that will make up the album, and it's written in Tagalog, English, & Bisaya. Considering that the members of ALAMAT sing and rap in 8 different languages (including Tagalog and English), we can't help but wonder… will there be one song to highlight each member? Written in their native language? The possibilities are endless, and we are ready to entertain them all.


Josh Cullen

Sofa (Remix) | Audio Release

We can come up with a lot of words to describe Josh Cullen's debut, but the first one that comes to mind is "surprise." The newly-debuted soloist dropped the track on Apple and YouTube Music, then later on Spotify, with the barest warning that he was making it at all. Within hours, the R&B track had rocketed to #1 on the iTunes Philippines, Qatar, and UAE charts and #22 on iTunes Canada. In the past, Josh Cullen has teased A'tin about adding a sexier vibe to their music, and this track hits all the right notes. The beats are reminiscent of a late-night club jam, and that's exactly where we'd expect to hear this song played. He's already hinted at more surprises in the future, which will definitely keep his BBQ on their toes.


BGYO (Just the Tea)

5-Member P-Pop Boygroup BGYO is gearing up for what we're hoping is a full comeback with the announcement of their latest single, 'Tumitigigil Ang Mundo.' An early audio snippet in the concept focus films gives us young, fresh, and bubbly vibes that seem natural for the group who first hit it big with songs like 'The Light' and 'He's Into Her.' With the release right around the corner, we can't wait to see what they have up their sleeves.


SB19 (Just the Tea)

Kings serenading Queens? Yes, please. It was a pleasant surprise to have SB19 confirmed to sing the latest version of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant theme song. While the new version was played at the media presentation, the real treat came when SB19's Twitter account released a scheduler. The announcement includes the official release of the audio, lyric video, and studio music video. SB19 has released a couple of songs quietly in the last year, with less formal hype. The scheduler has their A'tin wondering, is the comeback on the horizon? We're wondering too.


The Juans (Just the Tea)

The Juans just announced what is surely a dream come true with their first-ever solo concert at Araneta Coliseum. In their press conference, Carl, the keyboardist and leader of the now 4-member band, promised a new experience for their Juanistas (fanbase). Will they be having special guests? We are guessing it's a yes and can't wait for the final lineup. With the addition of elements of musical theater, he promised it to be "the ultimate creative expression" of their music. Tickets are on sale in mid-July, with a concert date of October 23, 2022.

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