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Extra Rice | 10 New P-Pop Videos Served with Hot Tea

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

July 10 - July 16


Say U Love Me | Dance Practice

When can you say a dance practice is dangerous? There are a few groups we can think of to fit this category, and ALAMAT is one of them - especially when it comes to ‘Say U Love Me.’ Now we can focus entirely on the dance moves, and while we love the music video, we also like to see how this will be performed live. We’re not disappointed at all. There’s also that tiny bit of shock that this mellow R&B song is packed full of active dance moves and fluid formation changes. Then again, it’s ALAMAT, and they like to surprise us.

Making of Say U Love Me | Vlog

When a music video is as intriguing as ‘Say U Love Me,’ we’re always interested in the backstory and production. Seeing the creative process and how ALAMAT takes direction brings yet another layer of interest. It’s also fun when they share tiny bits of their experiences while filming. One request? Subs, please? There’s a lot of growing international attention for ALAMAT, and we want the world to know our boys behind their songs.

Cup of Hot Tea

The momentum keeps building for ALAMAT. On top of their successful comeback single, ‘Say U Love Me,’ they’ve also done two big performances this past week. They were one of the headlining groups at Tugatog and the other P-Pop performer (alongside 4th Impact) at the Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) National Costume x Fashion Show. They performed two numbers, ‘Sa Panaginip Na Lang’ and (of course) their comeback single ‘Say U Love Me.’ However, we are still waiting for the announcement of the next song from their upcoming mini-album.



Tumitigil Ang Mundo | Music Video

Just when we were asking for a comeback from BGYO, they delivered with a new song and music video, ‘Tumitigil Ang Mundo (The World Stops). The whole song and music video remind us of a ’90s teen romantic comedy, and we aren’t complaining. It’s another level-up for a boy group already at the top of their class. With striking, dynamic camera angles and bold colors, we definitely believe that BGYO should continue in this vein. Not only is their singing and dancing on point, but the bold lighting is making them look better than ever while doing it.



Lagi | Reaction Video

It’s been a while since we’ve seen the girls of BINI react to a music video. These bubbly girls love to tease and praise each other in equal parts. It’s a bit of lovely chaos to watch them all giggling and screaming with each set change and each moment of interacting with the school crush in the MV. Add to it that the girls are dressed to the nines for a performance in just a little while after? It’s a great and satisfying watch.



Pangga by Matthaios ft Soulthrill & FELIP | Performance at #TMisTheKey Reunion Concert

Since the release of the audio version and lyric visualizer, fans have wanted more of ‘Pangga’ (Sweetheart), Felip’s first solo collab with his friends Matthaios (who wrote the original version), Southrill, and Michael Pacquiao. Demands for a live version got even louder when Matthaios and Southrill guested on SB19’s Dunkin Donuts Concert. Now, everything has finally come together at the #TMisTheKey Reunion Concert. 3 of the 4 artists took to the stage to perform the fan favorite live. It’s a typical free-flowing performance for Matthaios and Southrill as they bounce around the stage, but it’s completely unexpected for Felip. The main dancer turned soloist is usually all about precise choreo, but this time Felip let go and simply headbanged along to his rap. It’s fun and fresh, and we want to see this again!



KAYA by KAIA | Performance at #TMisTheKey Reunion Concert

KAIA has been everywhere lately, and with good reason; these girls have fantastic traction for rookies. ‘KAYA by KAIA’ at #TMisTheKey was their debut performance as TM’s newest ambassadors, and everything about it was completely on point. We don’t know what the girls of KAIA are up to in training and practice, but their live vocals keep getting stronger with every performance. They are learning to be masters at hyping a crowd, and we sincerely believe that the choreo could not be more precise. Whatever they’re up to? Keep at it.



MNL48 Goes to PPOPCON | Vlog

We feel there was no group more excited for P-Pop Con than MNL48. They knew exactly how it felt to perform in front of live crowds and packed arenas, unlike most of the rookie groups who debuted just before or during the pandemic. From prep to rehearsal to performance, this vlog was so satisfying. We could feel how much they pushed for perfection, which showed in their final performance. This Senbatsu are true masters of their craft. Just one request? We need subs. MNL48 is already an international group, and we’d love for everyone to know what they have to say.

In an announcement on their social media accounts, MNL48 proudly announced that they are back. By back, they mean back to their solo performances! 8 members of the Senbatsu will perform in their first mall show since the pandemic on July 22 at Fishers Mall. We can only imagine how exciting it must be for the ladies of MNL48 to be back in front of their MNLoves at last and on their own solo stage.



Win Your Heart | Studio Music Video

Kings and Queens will come together on one stage when SB19 serenades the beauty queens of Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines). The Kings of P-Pop have recorded an updated version of the pageant’s theme song ‘Win Your Heart.’ Before that big day, we get to see how the song was recorded in the studio, and it’s just as expected. No one loves the process more than SB19, and the fun they had recording was obvious to everyone. We want to see this live, and it will be a long wait until we do.

MAPA | Performance at #TMisTheKey Reunion Concert

SB19’s ‘MAPA’ was A’tin’s most looked forward to song during the #TMisTheKey Reunion Concert for one single reason: it was also a reunion between Ken and his parents. ‘MAPA’ is well-known as a sort of love song to one’s parents, but Ken had never sung it for them - in fact, they had never seen him perform onstage at all. This heartfelt moment that had Ken with his back seemingly away from the audience (but singing to his parents) was the icing on the cake of a perfectly flawless performance for SB19.

The energy remains high with SB19 as the month of July goes on. The most notable (and hottest tea) of the week is SB19 and their A’tin entering the Billboard Fan Army Face-Off finals. The fan-voted competition began with a whopping 64 groups, now down to Stray Kids vs. SB19. It’s already proved to be a serious competition, with less than 1% separating the two groups. At this point, it is literally anyone’s game, but we are proud to see the P-Pop fandoms coming together to support SB19 and #PPopRise.


The Juans

Atin Ang Mundo | Performance at #TMisTheKey Reunion Concert

If ever there was any question that The Juans know how to handle a crowd, their performance of ‘Atin Ang Mundo’ (The World is Ours) during the #TMisTheKey Reunion Concert is the answer. Their infectious energy electrified the crowd as they kept dancing to the closing song of the entire concert. Who would believe this was the end of over three hours of continuous music from multiple groups? If we hadn’t watched the livestream, we’d think they were opening it instead. Despite the heat of the outdoor venue, The Juans lit up the stage brighter than any stage light. No matter what happens, The Juans still shine bright. The world is theirs (and ours, too).


4th Impact (Just the Tea)

Almira of 4th Impact in her concept photo for 'Tapat Sa'yo'

It’s an exciting time for 4th Impact and their fans. As the promotions are starting for their second single, ‘Tapat Sa’yo,’ we can gladly say we cannot be more excited. They’ve since released a scheduler (so we know we are getting a visualizer video) and the first concept photo of Almira. The Queens of P-Pop also got to share the stage with the Queens of Binibining Pilipinas (Miss Philippines) as they performed three numbers, including their comeback single, “Here We Go’ at the Bb. Pilipinas National Costume x Fashion Show.


Press Hit Play (Just the Tea)

The last week has been an absolute roller coaster ride for Press Hit Play. It started on the lowest possible note with the announcement that they had lost a second member in as many months. Zi.O announced that he was leaving the group for his own well-being and to focus on his family. The information was unbelievably sudden, and with all the recent stir from PHP and ALAMAT both? We are learning to dread that management announcement post.

The good news? Sev, Chrls, Yuuki, and JP are holding strong. They appeared at Tugatog together, performing solo and doing amazing collabs with LITZ and Yara. A tweet from Sev reassured the Pearls (their fanbase) that PHP is here to stay, and we can confidently say we will soon see Press Hit Play entering a new era, stronger than ever.


VXON (Just the Tea)

It might not be the hottest tea we have at the moment, but we are always excited to hear about an upcoming dance performance video from the Monster Rookies of P-Pop. In the wake of their Tugatog performance, VXON teased an upcoming performance video for their latest (and first) OST, ‘Reach the Top.’ The track is the OST for Cornerstone’s Top Class competition. So far, all we’ve had is a lyric video, so … we’re waiting, VXON.

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