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Extra Rice | 8 New Vids Light a Fire Under July

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

June 26, 2022 - July 2, 2022


Bulan | Behind the Music Episodes Two and Three

With the release of episodes 2 and 3 of Felip's Behind the Music series for 'Bulan,' the trilogy is officially over. As usual, it's a special treat to have Felip spending so much time in front of the camera talking about his craft. Following in the footsteps of episode one, the second installment focuses on the making of the music video itself. The music video was shot in just three days, with two of those in the Ilocos region, which (much to Felip's dismay) they drove to. He makes no secret of his excitement and struggles during filming, including the difficulty of dancing on sand in the iconic scenes.

Ever since Felip revealed that he had filmed a reaction video for his 'Bulan' music video, he knew he wouldn't be able to avoid it. In part three of his Behind the Music series, Felip makes good on that promise once and for all. There's nothing quite like watching an artist react to his own hard work; whether it's pride or cringe, the reaction is always worth watching. Felip's is now the infamous non-reaction reaction. He says it best himself after the video ends: "Grabe. Speechless ako. (Amazing. I'm Speechless)."



Lagi | Performance Video

It looks like the nation's girl group is after a new title as the Princess of Bubblegum Pop with the performance video of their comeback single, 'Lagi.' We've said it before; it's the perfect genre for the eight talented ladies of BINI. Filmed on two of the candy stages of their 'Lagi' music video, the performance video shows their ability to be in sync and carry a unified mood and theme in their performances. Add all this to their bubblegum pink costumes, and the 'Lagi' performance video, like the music video, is the perfect summer bop.


4th Impact

Here We Go | Focus Cams

It's take two on the PPOPCON focus cams for the Queens of P-Pop, this time with their comeback single, 'Here We Go.' As usual, the ladies of 4th Impact are flexing their impressive dancing skills and vocals in this stunning number. Not to be left out of the vocal line, rapper Celine is shown running high notes alongside leader and vocalist Almira. Meanwhile, Irene stole the show with her dramatic style and smooth low vocals, and Mylene's swag always makes her stand out in a crowd.

We love reliving their amazing PPOPCON setlist, but we just wish the camera angles had been better. The ladies of 4th Impact are nearly perfect live performers, but there were too many moments in the focus cams that we couldn't see them clearly. Let's find that videographer a better angle to watch our Queens next time.



First Out of Town Show | Vlog

The Boys of BGYO are back with a new behind-the-scene vlog. This time, they are on their first out-of-town show in Tarlac. It's hard to believe that the group, which debuted in January 2021, has never performed outside Manila, until you remember the worldwide pandemic and its long-reaching effects. It's been a long road, but the Aces of P-Pop are finally extending their reach throughout their home country, to the delight of their ACEs. The first part of the event, the courtesy call, is old news for JL, who used to travel as a performer before his days in BGYO.

After the courtesy call, it's a last-minute rehearsal, complete with water bottle microphones, before they head to their first out-of-town celebration. It all ends, quite fittingly, with Mikki, Akira, and Nate sharing their thoughts against the backdrop of the video of their live performance. Their next show? Let's join Gelo in manifesting Berlin.

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