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FELIP Shatters Barriers To Be 1st Pure Pinoy On Grammy's Global Spin

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

If you need proof that P-Pop is a rising genre poised for world domination, look no further than the latest accomplishment of P-Pop soloist FELIP. The artist, who spends most of his time as the main dancer and lead vocalist of P-Pop group SB19, just broke through another barrier. This past week, he (and his fans, Sisiw) celebrated being the first pure Pinoy to perform on Grammy’s Global Spin with his recent release, 'Bulan.'

FELIP and team perform 'Bulan' for Global Spin

Global Spin is the newest performance series by the Recording Academy, which seeks to highlight international music, artists, and their home countries. It’s a relatively new series, having only debuted last September. In an article on their website about its premiere, Alina Vission, a content producer at the Recording Academy, said, “Music is the one thing that transcends borders.” Grammys Launch Article.

Honestly, the quote sounds an awful lot like one of SB19 leader Pablo’s most famous quotes, “Music is universal.” FELIP and his incredible team are proving that point all too well. Filmed at the Teatrillo in the historic walled city Intramuros, with dramatic lighting, the scene enhances the aggressive dance style of FELIP and his team. Of course, he’s more than just a dancer, and the flawless vocals of the artist are more than evident. With Global Spin describing the performance as “boundary-pushing” and “awe-inspiring,” one thing is for sure: the eyes of the world are on FELIP, 'Bulan,' and SB19.

FELIP and team perform 'Bulan' for Global Spin

As the views continue to climb on the performance video, more and more articles and features are cropping up. One of our favorite things about all this publicity is that FELIP isn't shy to flex both his P-Pop group and the fact that his music video is a celebration of the culture of his homeland. FELIP is a proud Pinoy and the world is getting the chance to see that.

The last month has been a flurry of activity for FELIP and his team. They’ve released a three-part Behind the Music special, a dance practice video, and now, a performance video for the global arm of one of the most prestigious awarding bodies in the industry. Whatever is next for FELIP, we know we are definitely and absolutely NOT prepared for it.


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