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P-Pop Kicks into High Gear with Hot New Content

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

June 12, 2022 - June 25, 2022


Lagi (Always) | Music Video

BINI comes across again as the quintessential girl group with 'Lagi' (Always). There is no question of their harmonies being on point and everyone is given solo time in the spotlight. Colet, Maloi, and Jhoanna's vocals stole the show, though. Those high notes and runs add spice to the summer feel of this bop.

Even if the theme of the MV is an online class, we can vibe with the girls daydreaming of summer and whiling away in cute fantasies involving the class crush! The sweet candy land theme backs up the tune's light-hearted, retro early-2000s feel. BINI's made one more song guaranteed to bring a smile plus a temptation to dance around to the beat.



MAPA (Orchestra Version) | Performance Video

The first time A'tin heard SB19's 'MAPA' the way Pablo envisioned was during their 2021 charity Forte concert. The song had been rearranged by musical director Adonis Tabanda to be sung live with a full orchestra and a (virtual) choir. Now, released in time for Father's Day, this highly emotional song has become even more charged than usual.

The complete lack of backing vocals highlights SB19's stellar vocals. With the shifting harmonies and their distinct voices made even clearer, it's no wonder Forte brings it up to the next level.

'MAPA' never fails to blow us away, and this version is no exception. We love it.



Reach the Top | Lyric Video

The Monster Rookies of P-Pop are back with their third single, 'Reach the Top.' The official soundtrack to Cornerstone's newest contest, Top Class. It's a pleasant surprise to learn that VXON wrote and composed the song themselves. The uplifting lyrics serve as an inspiration to never quit and keep going until success is reached, which would be the very top of everything.

With the lyrics displayed over VXON's candid, pre-debut videos, 'Reach the Top' encourages the incoming contestants to push themselves and be proud no matter what's thrown their way. It's clever how they've divided the footage, with the older portions in black and white and the post-debut concert and performance parts in color. It's a nice play on how reaching the top means reaching the full potential of their talents.

This catchy theme song is something we can't wait to see performed live. We're sure that's coming very soon!



Blah Blah | Visualizer

KAIA is back with 'Blah Blah's' Visualizer Video. Shot with just simple backdrops and uncomplicated black and white power suits, we get to focus on just the girls and their voices.

Visualizer doesn't really mean just visuals, but let us disagree with that concept just this once. They're displaying the P-Pop Girl Group look perfectly: coordinated, fresh, natural - and we can't get enough of it.

But back to the music, which we appreciate more now because of the no-frills video. KAIA has already proven they are fantastic dancers, but there is more to the Pinoy Idol scene than being able to move well and look good. Vocals are always top, and they've made their point, no question.



Bulan | Behind the Music Episode One

After Felip's 'Bulan' made a splash in the local and international music scenes, there was an interest to find out exactly how Felip came up with his music. Of course, he obliged with a three-part series, Behind the Music.

What was surprising to us was that Felip recorded everything. Rap flow, guitar riffs, keyboard melodies, and even parts of the production. We understand the need to record for the music's sake but never expected to have it generously shared with us.

It was interesting seeing the interaction between Josue and Felip, not to mention the points Pablo made on the effects they wanted to bring out. And we finally get the entire story behind the freestyle chant done by Stell. If we wanted proof that they were friends beyond SB19, it was made very clear in those moments.

No question, we're waiting for the next two installments. Impatiently.



Concert Rehearsal | Vlog

Josue's Alagads weren't the only ones sad to hear about the outcome of Josue and his close friends' concert. The feelings are driven home even deeper as we tag along on his rehearsal day. We see the passion and energy poured into every song originally slated to be sung that unlucky night.

The best part of Josue's vlog (apart from seeing the Nase brothers' wheels parked side-by-side) is hearing a good portion of 'Determinado' (Determined) sung live. We're shocked that it sounds even better than the recorded version. This has long been a favorite song for us, and that is a satisfying moment all by itself.

Although the vlog turned into an apology instead of a triumphant recap, we are sure that a successful concert is on the horizon. Josue is a man of his word.



Philippine Arena Summer Blast with DIONE | Vlog

1st.One and their sister group, DIONE, recently went on a road trip to perform at the Philippine Arena for Summer Blast 2022. From an early call time to refueling for breakfast and all the way to rehearsals and a quick teaser of the final performance, spending the day with 1st.One was a blast.

We love the sibling support with DIONE and wish our own travels were that much fun, too. All the teasing and jokes made sure that there were no dull moments at all! Also, love the shoutouts to their support crew (can they really just be called plain "staff?") as they go about getting ready for their big performance.

Our favorite part was the vocalization practice that happened right after the caffeine rush. Those beautiful voices filling the van would be our choice of highlight any day of the week.

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