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KAIA is Here with Stunning Debut Single, 'Blah Blah'

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Anthems of empowerment seem to be the theme for ShowBT, and KAIA has joined the trend. The newest P-Pop girl group made its debut on April 8, 2022, the evening before the first-ever P-Pop convention. After more than a year of intensive training and preparation, does KAIA live up to the hype, or is it all just 'Blah Blah?'

P-Pop group KAIA in their debut music video, "Blah Blah"

Leaning Toward Self-Creation

KAIA focuses on social issues that young women face through the stories they've gone through themselves.

The debut single was written by all the members with assistance in lyrics and production by songwriter and composer OhWon Lee. Lee, who worked with mostly K-pop idols, has also worked with KAIA's sibling groups: 4th Impact and SB19. It's not his first collaboration with this group either. KAIA member Alexa collaborated with Lee for the song 'You Got This' on his collaborative album, Real Recognize Real. As part of their message, KAIA focuses on social issues that young women face through the stories they've gone through themselves. 'Blah Blah' speaks of self-love and the confidence needed when a relationship is involved and focuses on losing yourself in infatuation that is mistaken for love.

There's not one standout among the KAIA girls – they've all shown mastery of their training, and the hard work they've put in is clear. 'Blah Blah' does an incredible job of highlighting the diverse vocals of the group. Alexa's rap stands out with her distinct vocal fry, which makes her bars go straight to the heart, contrasting with Charice's smoother but equally striking rap style. Angela's unmistakable vocals are a relief from the intense lyrics, while Sophia and Charlotte's solid high notes make the sound complete. All in all, KAIA's 'Blah Blah' demands a mastery of their vocal abilities, moving them seamlessly between clear voice and vocal distortions. The result is a blend that brings a different flavor to their sound.

Sweet Talk to 'Blah Blah'

[...]not everything that's pretty is perfect.
P-Pop group, KAIA in their debut single, "Blah Blah"

The music video shows off the theme nicely. Sweet scenes of the girls on dates, giggling, with full attention to their significant other don't stay pretty scenarios for long. Soon, they each lose their individual sparks and disappear into the image they've projected onto themselves. The oddly sophisticated yet grungy, urban background underscores that not everything that's pretty is perfect. The fantasy comes to an end when a soon-to-be iconic dance break explodes onto the crossroads.

At this point in the music video, sweet talk becomes hot air, blah blah blah. As the girls become fully aware of their situation, they are shown frozen in ice and trapped in what they thought was love. Their freedom is restricted, and they are frozen in a mold by their partner. Depicting a situation many women are all-too-familiar with, the girls struggle to escape and find happiness. In the iconic last run of the chorus, the girls shatter the ice and find themselves again.

P-Pop group, KAIA in their debut single, "Blah Blah"

A Powerful Debut and a Bright Future

From where we are standing, these girls look nothing like rookies.

Given the group's undeniable dedication and the impressive pedigree of mentors, coaches, and collaborators that have sprung up around them, it's safe to say that KAIA stans, or ZAIA, have a lot to look forward to. With such an explosive debut and an even more dramatic first live performance on the PPopCon stage, the world should be watching this rookie group. From where we are standing, these girls look nothing like rookies.


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