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Focus on Performance: May’s Gone Behind the Scenes

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

May lets us return to favorite performances from our favorite groups. From the surprise ballad ‘Sa Panaginip Na Lang’ from Alamat to rewatching ‘K(No)w More’ with 4th Impact to revisiting BGYO’s ‘Best Time,’ we have a blast watching them again. Far from reruns, they’re rekindling memories.

May 17- May 20: PPopCon 'K(No)w More' Focus Cams by 4th Impact

The Queens of P-Pop served up a reminder of their intense and emotional PPopCon performances this month. Following in the footsteps of their sibling group, SB19, the ladies released individual focus cams from their performance of 'K(no)w More,' which was their first single.

4th Impact has been concentrating on their vocal prowess recently, so much that many have forgotten the sisters are tops in dance, too. The focus cams served as a great reminder that fierce and grace can exist simultaneously as their perfectly executed, knife-sharp dance moves go with stellar vocals.

Celina's graceful sway is front and center while showing everyone what sexy looks like on stage. Almira can make people forget her moves when she starts to sing, but not now. We still cannot figure out how active she can be on stage while belting out her high notes and whistles simultaneously. The legendary swagger comes through for Irene with her intense looks and precise movements putting her personal brand on the entire performance. Mylene loves the stage, and it shows. Her passion and energy are simply overwhelming.

What a way to show us that their years of training have kept them at a fantastic point. The only thing we need next is a full concert, which will be soon, we hope.


May 25, 2022: 'Sa Panaginip Na Lang' Acoustic Performance Video with Sean Cedro by ALAMAT

Since 'Sa Panaginip Na Lang' (Only in Dreams) is already a heart-wrenching ballad, we assumed we knew what we were getting ourselves into with this acoustic performance. Of course, we know better than to assume. We'd been expecting a stripped-down version of the song, but what we got was a showcase of ALAMAT's impressive vocal line, which is clearly all of them.

The pared-down music, featuring just the guitar played by composer Sean Cedro, puts a spectacular emphasis on the group's vocals. While R-Ji, Jao, and Alas added to the beautiful melody through their incredible harmonies, it was Tomas and Mo who stepped firmly into the limelight in this performance, as they did in the music video. The emphasis on their beautiful, emotional voices is a serious standout in 'Sa Panaginip Na Lang.'

The other standout of the performance that we weren't expecting? Co-leader Taneo's beautiful baritone voice is the perfect foil for the group's tenors. His low notes provide the ideal emotional emphasis to the song, which means we're just over here. Crying. Again. Thanks, ALAMAT.


May 29, 2022: 'Best Time' Performance Video by BGYO

Like the music video, the performance video of 'Best Time' calls forth adolescent nostalgia. Set in the same high school, it features the boys of BGYO performing their high-energy choreography in three locations from the full MV. It's an impressive feat, adjusting the blocking for both the outdoor locations and the tight hallway of the school.

Strangely enough, our favorite parts are all centered in the hallway. Somehow the setting makes us focus more on the complicated movements and question - how do they not bump into each other while performing and changing their positions so quickly? It's arguably one of the best examples of how well they move as a unit, in coordination, precision, and execution.

The performance video is stripped of the acting moments that made the MV feel bittersweet. So, it's an even more dramatic duality between the lyrics, the melody, and the upbeat choreography. It pushed home its message of inclusivity and the reminder that all of us are special. Then, it does it all under the guise of their signature dancing style. We'll be waiting for a proper comeback with bated breath.


It was a quiet month for P-Pop, which begs the question, what's on the horizon? What would you want your favorite group to come up with next? Tell us!

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