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Is WishBus P-Pop's New Playground? Check out the Top Performances

When it comes to music, Wish 107.5 is known as a giant in nearly all OPM communities. Since they started in 2014, they've grown by leaps and bounds, and now they are best known for their annual awards and state-of-the-art mobile recording studio, the WishBus. Not only does WishBus now provide some of the best live recordings available, but it also brings artists to their fans, giving them the chance to see each other up close. As solo artist and SB19 member Josh Cullen said after his last WishBus performance: "I always like performing in public because I get to hear you guys sing along. Thanks again for joining me...'."

So where does P-Pop stand with Wish 107.5? It's certainly on the rise when it comes to the annual Wish Music Awards, reaping in nominations and performances. In fact, SB19 has won a record 15 Wish Awards, the highest for any group, P-Pop or otherwise. On WishBus, P-Pop artists make their rounds on a regular basis, but they've made precious few entries into Wish's Elite Circles - those that celebrate over 10M views on a single video. By precious few, we mean just one - The Juans entered the bronze circle with 20 million views on their "Hindi Tayo Pwede" performance back in 2020. So, we decided to create our own little list of the top-performing P-Pop WishBus Performances. What are we calling it? The P-Pop Elite Circle. Check out the gallery below.

#10 | BINI performs "I Feel Good" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

BINI Performing "I Feel Good" on WishBus

BINI's "I Feel Good" performance on WishBus radiates positive vibes. You can feel them reflecting their positivity in how they express their emotions and their facial expressions with every line. One thing is for sure, their hearts & passion really shine through! These girls somehow give off even more positive energy when performing live than in their studio recordings.


#9 | ALAMAT performs "Say U Love Me" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

Alamat performing 'Say U Love Me' on WishBus

It's no surprise this particular recording of 'Say U Love Me' is wracking up the views - these vocals are perfect. There's nothing quite like the harmonies of 6-member boy group ALAMAT. The adlibs are so on point that we could listen to them all day, and the best part? They are clearly having a blast performing for their fans.


#8 | Ocho the Bullet, Josh Cullen, and Angela Hermoso perform "Sofa" LIVE on the Wish 107.5 Bus

Josh Cullen, Angela (KAIA) and Ocho the Bullet perform 'Sofa' on Wish Bus

This was the performance that no one expected. 'Sofa Remix' was Josh Cullen's first solo project - a collaboration with his cousins from the United States. They're seldom in the same space to perform together, so when Ocho the Bullet and Angela from KAIA joined Josh on the WishBus? A'tin knew they were in for some magic. Not only did Angela do the song justice, but Josh and Ocho's vocals are 100% on point.


#7 | SB19 performs "WYAT (Where You At)" LIVE on the Wish USA Bus

SB19 Performs WYAT (Where You At) on WishBus USA

SB19 proved they knew precisely where their international fans were with a WishBus rendition of 'WYAT (Where You At) on WishBus USA. We're pretty sure everyone, from the boys to the venue, were surprised by the turnout for SB19's debut on the US leg of Wish 107.5. How do we know? We were there too.


#6 | FELIP performs "Bulan" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

FELIP Performs 'Bulan' on WishBus

FELIP cemented his status as a solo artist with his sophomore single, 'Bulan,' and this performance was further proof of his skills in live performances. With his iconic low voice, he drew the legendary WishBus crowd that SB19 is known for. He also got the chance to interact with his beloved Sisiw.


#5 | BINI performs "Golden Arrow" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

BINI Performs 'Golden Arrow' on WishBus

This performance harkens back to when large groups like BINI were split across two buses. I've got mad respect for their artistry on this one - it can't be easy to perform live when you can't see each other. The Nation's Girl Group is unphased - even in their debut WishBus guesting.


#4 | ALAMAT (ft. Lyca Gairanod) performs "ILY ILY" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

ALAMAT Performs 'ILY ILY' on WishBus

We're still blown away by the perfection of this performance of 'ILY ILY'. Emotional and haunting, this rendition captures both the emotion of the original lullaby and the addicting modernization of the song. This song was always meant to be performed live - it's Alamat and Lyca Gairanod at their finest.


#3 | SB19 performs "Mana" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

SB19 Performs 'Mana' on WishBus

Released almost a year after it was recorded, this particular performance was part of SB19's WishBus comeback. To say that event was something of a spectacle hardly does it justice as A'tin swarmed Eton Centris to see the Kings of P-Pop return home. The fans had nearly given up hope of the performance being released at all, so this release was definitely a surprise.


#2 | SB19 performs "WYAT (Where You At)" LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

SB19 Performs 'WYAT (Where You At) on WishBus

Now that they are in their proper comeback, shall we call 'WYAT (Where You At)' their pre-comeback song? Bringing all the power of their vocals and energy to the performance, SB19 shows their passion for performing and their love for their fans in one fell swoop. With the perfect command of focus and chaos, no one owns a stage (or bus) quite like SB19.


#1 | SB19 performs "MAPA" LIVE on the Wish USA Bus

SB19 Performs 'MAPA' on WishBus USA

Unsurprisingly, the top spot in The P-Pop Elite Circle goes to a performance of the biggest P-Pop song. The 'MAPA' WishBus performance is following in the footsteps of its lyric video, which has 84 million views (and counting). Maybe more surprising is that this performance is on WishBus USA, proving that love for 'MAPA' is universal.

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