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A'tin Celebrate as SB19 Rockets to the Top of Billboard Trending Songs

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

SB19 Members, Justin, Josh, Ken, Pablo and Stell, in costume for their Bazinga Music Video

A’tin world was rocked today by the news that SB19’s Bazinga had reached the top spot of Billboard’s new Hot Trending Songs chart. Their latest song, Bazinga, is doing what many thought was impossible - unseating BTS for the first time after six weeks of dominating the number one spot.

Stunned would be an understatement to describe the fandom, especially after Forbes released an article detailing how close the fight was between BTS’s three Top Ten songs and SB19’s one. The Filipino vocal group is a relative baby in the global music scene and is mostly unknown to the rest of the world. The third release from their first EP, Pagsibol, Bazinga is their latest song to fly high on the charts and make waves for the group after the relative successes of their earlier releases, What? and MAPA on Spotify and YouTube.

Emotions were riding high about the achievement, especially considering the meaning behind Bazinga. Often called a diss track, it speaks to haters and trolls and tells how SB19 used the negativity to fly even higher than before. No stranger to dominating the Twitter trending lists in the Philippines, this time not only was the official hashtag, #SB19BillboardHTSTop1, trending at home but abroad as well.

Perhaps most touching for A’tin was when the word the fans use for SB19, Mahalima (meaning to be fascinated with and to love all the five members of SB19), began to trend. The word appeared on Twitter’s trending list locally and in places as far-reaching as the United States. The outpouring of love from A’tin to their Mahalima was heartwarming.

A'tin tweets from @heartthofsese, @CristusX, @Naseizmic, @SB19_BUTUANCity, @itsmeFrancoBelo & @mahalimaypaupau

SB19 lives up to its name, Sound Break - going beyond barriers, blending genres, destroying perceptions - and they’re just getting started. A’tin, the self-proclaimed, small, but dedicated, fandom has helped raise SB19 to great heights, and indeed, together, they will bring them one step closer to the artists’ dreams.

The bond between SB19 and their fans was personified by their anniversary celebration.

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