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SB19 Says Thanks to Fans with Uplifting SLMT Music Video

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Pagsibol EP's midnight launch came at the end of a long, media-filled day, but SB19 waited up with A'tin to welcome the songs' release on Spotify. One can only imagine the anticipation and nerves they experienced as they awaited their fans' response to their latest and most experimental songs to date. Though each track was meaningful, everyone wanted to hear "their'' song, SLMT. The group had made it no secret that the song was dedicated to the fans. Curiosity was high, and no one was disappointed.

SB19 performs Stell's signature choreography for SLMT

A light tropical beat makes SLMT enjoyable for anyone listening, but it's Pablo's lyrics that make it special for their fans. Filled with the Pinuno's (Filipino for leader) signature double and triple meaning lyrics, SLMT pays tribute to SB19's relationship with their fandom, A'tin. The group is aware of A'tin lingo and frequently uses it in the song. From calling the fans their "eighteen treasures" to the obvious teasing of hopia fans (those still hoping to be noticed by the members), they honor the gentle banter they've shared with the fandom since the beginning. Perhaps the greatest delight for fans was the first time they heard the word "Mahalima'' in the song's final verse. The term, first coined by Twitter user @immahalima, refers to a fan who loves and is fascinated with the five members of SB19. The line, "Mahalima, mahal ka ng lima'', is a beautiful acknowledgment of the mutual love between SB19 and their fans.

Fast forward to the final days of 2021, 5 months since the July 22nd release of Pagsibol EP, and SB19 has provided their A'tin with yet another gift: a music video for "their'' song.

P-Pop Group, SB19 Performing their playful SLMT Choreography

Filmed on the vacation island of Palawan, the music video for SLMT is like the mashup of a performance video and a home movie. Apart from the iconic dance choreographed by Stell, the unscripted video is filled with scenes of SB19 having fun on the beach, outtakes and all. The compulsory beauty shots showcase each member as the fans often see them, perfectly highlighting their talents, personalities, and individual appeal.

The immediate response of their A'tin was much as the members of SB19 likely suspected: a generous mix of bardagulan (playful teasing) and admiration. It's no secret that there is nothing SB19's fans love more than the duality of their artists. The quick shifts from cute to boss mode have always been a fascination for A'tin, and the SLMT music video has it in spades. Most importantly, the music video highlights not only SB19's bond with their fans but the meaningful brotherhood they share as a group – surely a friendship that will last a lifetime.

SB19's playful choreography representation of a "bardagulan",

SLMT to you, SB19, for giving A'tin your smiles and attention, an online family and home, and safe harbor in the storm. Every A'tin has a redemption story; the reason they found, and love, their Mahalima. SB19 has never shied away from welcoming, acknowledging, and encouraging A'tin to find their home with them. There is a reason A'tin means "ours" after all. Mahalima, mahal namin kayong lima.

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