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What Happens When You Add P-Pop & Big Brands? Gold.

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

What? Another top ten list? Of course! This time we are hitting the ground with the biggest P-Pop Sponsorships of 2022 and the list is big. These artists are proving they have the Midas touch and the YouTube views and Spotify streams don't lie - this is more than just P-Pop fans enjoying these endorsements.

10. Ready Set G' | SB19 & GCash | 2.5M

GCash & SB19's Ready, Set, G TVC

SB19's endorsement song for GCash Jr. surprised their A'tin by coming out of absolutely nowhere. With its upbeat melody, 'Ready, Set G' is the perfect track for its target audience of viewers under 17 years old. Working alongside international Mobile Legends champions, Blacklist and actress Andrea Brillantes, SB19 are just proving (once again) that they are some of the best brand ambassadors out there.


9. A Night of Wonder | Stell (SB19) & Disney+ | 2.7M

SB19 Stell in A Night to Remember with Disney+

Released in the middle of their WYAT world tour, SB19 Stell's collab with Disney+ was a surprising treat for A'tin and Disney fans alike. We think Stell is the perfect artist to join Janella Salvador and Zephanie for the Disney medley, and we aren't the only ones - if the 2.8 million views are any indication.


8. A Perfect Christmas | KAIA & Ikea | 3M

KAIA in A Perfect Christmas with Jose Mari Chan and Ikea

KAIA's first sponsored video has taken off. We are tempted to be surprised by the success of the collab, but what can we expect when they've teamed up with the Father of Philippine Christmas Music himself? Jose Mari Chan + Christmas music + the five lovely ladies of KAIA? Bound to be a winner.


7. Made For All | BINI & Maybelline | 3.3M

BINI in the music video for Made For All with Maybelline

BINI aren't new to the endorser game - they've had a few other sponsorships in the past, including ChowKing. Still, their collab with Maybelline is their most popular, and with good reason. Celebrating diversity and individualism looks good on the Nation's Girl Group.


6. Nasa Iyo Ang Panalo | Justin (SB19)&PureGold |6.4M

SB19 Justin in his solo project, Nasa Ang Panalo for PureGold

He's built a reputation for himself as a creative director and artist, so it's not surprising that SB19 Justin's first solo project is a masterpiece of cinematography and visual direction. With more than 6 million views in 3 months? It's obviously not just his A'tin that agree with our view.


5. Sarang-Anghang Sarap ng Lucky Me! Jjamppong | SB19 & Lucky Me! | 6.6M

SB19 in their Lucky Me Music Video, Sarang-Anghang ng Lucky Me! Jjamppong

This one is a throwback to SB19's 2020 ShowBreak collab with Lucky Me, but they've been invited back to create a sponsored song this time. It's definitely one of their more quirky and direct endorsements, but the production value is fantastic. 6.6 million views later, SB19 are still proving their worth as endorsers.


4. Make It Great | SB19 & Pizza Hut | 8.5M

SB19 in their Pizza Hut, Make It Great TVC

Pizza Hut is SB19's latest and, arguably, biggest endorsement to date. The Make It Great campaign included a TV commercial and combo meals for each member. Not bad for a group that's only been around for 4 years. The song is a reimagined version of their redemption song, 'Go Up', making for a fun and nostalgic first project between SB19 and Pizza Hut.


3. Nandito Na Ang Pepsi Blue | SB19 & Pepsi | 9.9M

SB19 in the Nandito na ang Pepsi Blue TVC

On the other hand, Pepsi is one of SB19's oldest sponsors. Having appeared in videos and special performances together for years, this video is the latest entry in their saga together. The Pepsi family is a big one, too, with this video also starring Filipino YouTuber Mimiyuuuh. With nearly 10 million views, it's safe to say the clever nostalgia of this vid is paying off.


2. It’s a Kind of Magic | The Juans, BINI & Coke | 15.7M

The Juans, BINI and KZ Tandigan performing It's a King of Magic for Coke Studios

What do you get when you combine BINI's harmonies with KZ Tandigan's belting and The Juans' musical abilities? Well, you get a kind of magic. The 3 artists came together in Coke Studios to create a phenomenal cover of Queen's 'It's a Kind of Magic', and the result is fantastic and well-balanced. Don't take our word for it, though - it's got almost 16 million views in just 3 months.


1. Cool Ka Lang | BGYO & Sprite | 28.3M

BGYO in their Cool Ka Lang Music Video

With more than 28 million views, this one blew our minds. BGYO's biggest endorsement to date, their collab with Sprite, has skyrocketed in views in just over 3 months. With a sweetly silly storyline of the boys as a Sprite rescue squad, the tune highlights their vocals as much as the cinematography highlights their boyish good looks and fun acting. Considering what BGYO pulled off here, we can't wait to see what they get up to next.

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