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Good, Better & Best - These Are the Top P-Pop Tracks of 2022

From debut to comebacks, awards to tour, and everything in between - it's been a breakout year for P-Pop (we had a feeling it would be). Call us nostalgic if you want, but we love to take a peek back at the hottest songs of the year with our top tracks of 2022.

You may be wondering how we made the list - it's a combination of the MV (or lyric video) views on YouTube and their total Spotify streams. All these songs are powerhouses, pulling views well into the millions in 2022, so come walk down memory lane with us.

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Nyebe by SB19 | 1.52 Million

Having been performed at all 10 stops, 'Nyebe' was the perfect bookend for SB19's first global tour. When leader Pablo commented that they would release one song before the end of the year to "hold the fans over" until their next album in 2023, it came as no surprise when they announced the release of 'Nyebe' during their performance at Head in the Clouds Manila. In the short time between its release on December 11 and the end of the year, it racked up an impressive 1.5 million views + streams and squeezed into the top 10 list at the last minute.

The visualizer, which was filmed across 3 countries and 5 cities, highlights the photos and videos taken during their tour. Our favorite thing about 'Nyebe' is how the video shines a spotlight on unseen people in society - those who are quietly going about the plainness of their lives. From the tired service worker to the unhoused person on the street, 'Nyebe' leaves no one in the shadows. It's a poignant reminder that the 5 artists of SB19 haven't forgotten what it means to come from nothing. The music also stands out - which explains the song's 880k Spotify streams. The melody itself is like the waves of the ocean. It swells and subsides, repeating over and over. When it reaches the peak and crashes over at the end, it's the emotional release that no one knew they needed. 'Nyebe' is another of SB19's songs celebrating connection. Piece by piece, they are telling their stories of how pain can become hope. 'Nyebe' deserves this spot. Back to Top 🔝

Bang by G22 | 1.55 Million

G22's debut single, 'Bang', was just the ticket they needed to break into the P-Pop scene with, well, a bang. Don't worry - we cringed too. Like the debut of their sibling group, VXON, 'Bang' racked up views quickly, boasting 500k views in just under a month. Considering the other high-profile releases around the same time? They are seriously holding their own. We predicted they would join the FamDom by the end of the year, and we were right.

'Bang' has a deep message under the dusty grit of the music video and its intense choreography. It's all about female empowerment, taking charge of yourself in a relationship and life, and a promise to be the best artists they can be. Combining a post-apocalyptic feel with aggressive acting and sensual choreography, G22 are asserting their power as both women and artists. All four girls are serious belters with impressive dance skills, and we're still trying to figure out how they pull off such challenging choreography while performing live. They are also joining our club of P-Pop artists who self-create, with members AJ and Jaz credited with writing and composing the debut single. Fierce, determined, and talented, we're happy to add this quartet to our family of artists and are excited to see what they and their Bullets can accomplish in 2023. Back to Top 🔝

The Beast by VXON | 1.58 Million

The first P-Pop group to release in 2022 didn't disappoint. VXON burst into the scene, skipping the requisite bubblegum phase and heading straight into their debut single, 'The Beast'. Jumping into the 1 million views club in just 5 weeks, we were right to predict them gaining this spot on our year-end list.

'The Beast' has a dark and grungy vibe that brings an edgy sound to the usual soft and poppy aesthetic that most P-Pop groups begin with. The music video is sensual, opulent, and aggressive, highlighting the seemingly endless charisma of the members. This might be one of the biggest draws of the music video - it's hard to look away from the 5 members of VXON. From the impressive voice of main vocal Franz to the acting skills of lead dancer and singer Sam and the irresistible charm of frontman and leader C13, the members of VXON hold viewers' attention throughout the 3-and-a-half-minute video. 'The Beast' is a crazy combination of a diss track and a vow - promising that nothing and no one will come between VXON and their success. The impressive debut further steps it up yet another notch by including lyrics, music, and production by VXON members: C13, Franz, and Sam. It's a trend they've continued, with more members becoming involved with creating their music. Back to Top 🔝

Lagi by BINI | 1.8 Million

With their pre-comeback single, BINI proved they are still the quintessential bubblegum pop girl group. Vivid colors, cotton-candy pastels, and a trip through Candyland make 'Lagi' the perfect predecessor to a new album. The single collected 1.8 million combined streams on YouTube and Spotify, making them one of two girl groups to make our top 10 list.

The candy-coated music video for 'Lagi' takes place in an online class (something we all became WAY too familiar with in the last two years). After they log in, they're greeted by a student connecting late. When he appears (wearing a teddy bear costume, of all things), it sends the girls into daydreams of summer and sweets. With each of the 8 ladies given their own dessert-themed set, from the cookie factory to the sweet shop and on to the donut shop and lollipop-themed stages that the girls share for the chorus dance parts, 'Lagi' screams summer song. There is no question of their harmonies being on point, and everyone is given solo time in the spotlight. Colet, Maloi, and Jhoanna's vocals stole the show with those high notes and runs, adding spice to the summer feel of this bop. The sweet Candyland theme backs the tune's light-hearted, retro early-2000s feel. BINI's made one more song guaranteed to bring a smile and a temptation to dance to the beat. Back to Top 🔝

Sa Panaginip Na Lang by Alamat | 1.9 Million

ALAMAT's live comeback during PPOPCON 2022 surprised casual listeners and Magiliw alike. The unexpected ballad burst over the crowd instead of the dance songs the group had always been known for. Since its release, 'Sa Panaginip Na Lang' has been featured on the OST for Expensive Candy, garnering well-deserved attention for the Phoenixes of P-Pop. The song joined the 1 million streams club on Spotify in just 4 months, leaving ALAMAT to proudly boast of being the 2nd most listened-to P-Pop group on Spotify at the time.

'Sa Panaginip Na Lang' came in the wake of a seriously rough year for ALAMAT, having lost two of their members just after their comeback. SPNL was their first song as a six-member group, and the loss brought out a more mature side of the boys. Initially, we were worried about how the group's sound might be affected, but the single finds the balance of vocals among the members, bringing a smoother sound for their new era. From the lyrics to the music video, SPNL is enough to make you want to drown your sorrows in a tub of chocolate ice cream while listening to it on repeat. When all is said and done, ALAMAT has come out of its troubles stronger than ever. They've defined themselves in a new era. There's a reason we call them The Phoenixes: we're excited for their rebirth. Back to Top 🔝

Shout Out by 1st.One | 2.1 Million

1st.One hit the ground running with an explosive start to 2022. 'Shout Out' was one of the first videos released in 2022, and, after catapulting in views, it also became the first to enter the 1 million views club for the year. That's not its only accomplishment; it is also the only P-Pop group other than SB19 to enter Billboard's Hot Trending Songs List in the chart's history.

The explosive comeback after a three-month hiatus highlighted an edgier hip-hop-inspired dance sound for the boy band. The single was written by leader Ace in dedication to the Philippine Army and their sacrifices during the Korean War. It's an emotional chapter in Filipino history, especially considering the Philippines itself was still recovering from WW2. Everything about the music video lends itself to the overarching theme of honoring those sacrifices, including a voiced-over newsreel. Considering that portions of the music video are filmed on an active army base? It's safe to say the support went both ways. 'Shout Out' exploded onto the music scene and made waves on local and international levels. It also found its way into the hearts of Filipinos who know and remember the events it portrays. Such a strong message of devotion, support, and nationalism deserves the 2.1 million combined streams the track has gotten to date. Back to Top 🔝

Tumitigil Ang Mundo by BGYO | 2.4 Million

BGYO delivered a big first comeback of 2022 with their catchy summer bop, 'Tumitigil Ang Mundo.' With 8 months having passed since they released 'Kundiman', their ACEs were eager for a new song, and they got it. Racking up its first million views within 3 months and then another 1.4 million before the end of the year, 'Tumitigil Ang Mundo' earned its spot on the top 10 songs of 2022.

Both the whole song and music video remind us of a '90s romantic comedy with the boys mesmerized by a quick glimpse of their dream girl. They pursue her through a magical theme park before waking up from their daydream to find themselves back at their photoshoot. We aren't complaining - it's a level-up for the Aces of P-Pop, who are already at the top of their class. With striking, dynamic camera angles and bold colors, BGYO are proving they are moving in the right direction with their music and cinematography. We definitely believe that BGYO should continue in this vein. Not only is their singing and dancing on point, but the bold lighting makes them look better than ever. Back to Top 🔝

Bulan by FELIP | 4 Million

We'd like to say we're surprised by the sheer number of streams that 'Bulan' has generated, but it's not a secret that A'tin and Sisiw can move views for their favs. With 500k YouTube views in just 24 hours and 1.4 million in its first month, FELIP's comeback single earned its spot in our top 3 songs of 2022.

'Bulan' is a hard 180-degree spin from his debut song. An aggressive rock track that heavily references Philippine mythology, the song claps back at the bashers who try to pull others down. Musically, it pulls FELIP down to the very bottom of his low register and holds him there for the entire 3 minutes and 24 seconds. The choreography by Jay Joseph Roncesvalles was heavily influenced by a mixture of interpretative dance, krump, and hip-hop. The style expresses raw emotion and storytelling to fit beautifully with the overall lyrics and theme. He and his dance crew hit every irregular beat in 'Bulan'. With his combination of dance and focus on mythology, FELIP is showing what it means to be a modern storyteller.

' Bulan' has since been reborn in several iterations, from its original studio version to the mind-boggling live performance on Wish Bus, the record-making Global Spin performance, and, lastly, its band version in Felip's Superior Sessions. Since FELIP has already announced new singles and an EP, this sophomore track obviously won't be his last. We look forward to seeing him on our 2023 list. Back to Top 🔝

La Luna by PABLO | 7.3 Million

PABLO blindsided everyone with his solo debut. In the wake of a series of cryptic tweets and a teaser song entitled, '???', PABLO released his debut single, 'La Luna'. The single made waves among A'tin and his Pack and the larger hip-hop community, with the track featured in multiple articles after its release. It collected a combined total of 7.3 million combined Youtube and Spotify streams in 2022 and hit 1 million YouTube streams in only 5 weeks.

PABLO flexes his acting skills in the Hitchcock-esque music video. With a muted, black-and-white aesthetic and minimal graphic effects, it leaves the viewer focused on the messages in the song. He's playing at the duality of the werewolf to highlight the duality of mental illness through the theme of transformation. Personifying his moniker as both Lone Wolf and Alpha, his message hits home: be proud of who you are to become what you want to be.

PABLO's emotional and hard-hitting debut set the bar high for breakthrough artists. While he's not known to often perform live as a solo artist, his captivating WishBus performance and collaboration with his brother Josue for his Layag concert both gained plenty of attention. PABLO's already hinting at his next release. We know he's got more unreleased singles in his back pocket, and we are eager to see where this artist takes us next. Back to Top 🔝

WYAT (Where You At) by SB19 | 10.1 Million

Nearly a year after A'tin first heard the song at their Our Zone concert, SB19 finally released their comeback song, 'WYAT (Where You At)'. Reaching its first million views was no problem for this powerhouse music video, which joined the YouTube 1 million club in just 3 days. The momentum hasn't stopped either - especially on Spotify, where it racked up an impressive 6.6 million streams in 2022. With numbers like this? It's no wonder WYAT is our number-one song of the year.

The music video is a blast from the past, starting out in a 50s-style diner, complete with leather jackets and slicked-back hair. Following them to the 70s, we get to watch their over-the-top roller-skate choreography and disco moves before the final 90s throwback section of the MV. We aren't saying we remember the 90s, but if we did, we'd undoubtedly recall hours spent in arcades filled with Balenciaga-wearing boys you knew you couldn't have. There is not one weak vocal, visual, or performer in this music video or this group filled with five incredible artists.

Behind the extravaganza of the music video lies a serious message. WYAT is the latest in a series of unconventional love songs penned by leader Pablo. Joining songs such as 'MAPA', 'Ikako', and 'SLMT', he's rounded out the series by dedicating WYAT to his brothers in SB19. Recalling the way the pandemic separated them from family and each other, Pablo wrote the song as a reminder to reconnect with those we love. Having inspired a worldwide concert tour, an explosive YouTube Fanfest Performance with more than 8 million views, and a docuseries, WYAT definitely made its mark on the P-Pop community and the world. Back to Top 🔝

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