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These 5 Performances Of MAPA Will Make You Fall in Love with SB19

Updated: Jun 12

One year later, SB19's "MAPA" has been the subject of some of the group's most powerful and moving performances. Odds are, if the audio track didn't make you cry, the live performances certainly did. Here's a countdown of SB19's more memorable (and emotional) performances of "MAPA" to date for the anniversary.

#5: 'MAPA' Performance on Family And Life Online Conference

SB19 Performs at the Family and Life Online Concert 2021

SB19's performance at the Family and Life Online Conference: To Love Again was the perfect place for them to perform their hit single. Though the quality had problems thanks to a weak live stream, the members proved that nothing can dull their shine. They performed "MAPA" with absolute perfection on the simple stage, incorporating the riffs and runs that would make their way into later performances. Of course, there was no better song to perform at the event that celebrated families.


#4: SB19 performs "MAPA" LIVE on Wish 107.5

One of the headlining acts of the star-studded night, SB19 performed two songs from their Pagsibol EP, including "MAPA." From their voices and expressions, it's clear that it was an emotional performance for the five artists. 2022 marked the third year SB19 performed at the Wish Music Awards, and "MAPA" became a song of thanksgiving for those who believed in them first - their parents, and among the radio stations, Wish 107.5. This special night also saw them bring home a record five awards, becoming the current most-awarded group in Original Pilipino Music history.



ROUND Festival was SB19's first international stage of the year, as they represented the Philippines. Filmed remotely, the ROUND Festival version of "MAPA" is one of those times when everything came together. With the grand fountains of the Philippine International Convention Center behind them, the members performed their set wearing modern interpretations of Barong (traditional formal shirts in the Philippines). All-in-all, it made for a striking performance.


#2: SB19 - 'MAPA' Performance at KALAYAAN 2021

Performed for the San Francisco-based Kalayaan 2021 Festival, this video represented SB19's first international performance of the single. Like the Band Version of the song, the Kalayaan performance was among the first filmed at the newly-remodeled Manila Metropolitan Theater. They kept it simple by highlighting the beauty of the venue and the members' vocals. All this while using the theater's space, lighting, and audio qualities to their advantage.


#1: SB19 - 'MAPA' Live Performance at Sonik Philippines 2021 [4K]

The Philippine National Museum served as the setting for our favorite version of SB19's "MAPA." The minimalist video highlighted the venue by showcasing the jaw-dropping interior architecture of the historic building. However, the spacious building was never meant as a theater, making for a significant echo. Rather than let it disturb the performance, the members spaced themselves throughout the structure. This allowed them to limit or amplify the reverb to suit their needs and individual vocal qualities.

Another landmark for the P-Pop Group on this day: this performance also confirmed SB19 as National Ambassadors for Music and the Youth Ambassadors for Sentro Rizal, a government organization that promotes Filipino art, culture, and language globally.


That's our top five performances of SB19's "MAPA." Do you have a favorite live performance? Tell us about it, and don't forget to check our article about the first anniversary of this breakthrough hit right here.

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