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Dancing Into A Summer Paradise With Ver5us New Single, ‘Alon’

Summer, as we all know, should be a time to be carefree and let loose. As adults, we sometimes get caught up in work or other personal agendas, and we let summer fly by without care. For me, it feels like missing these precious moments of what summer used to feel like growing up has been overshadowed. Looking back at past summers of fun, travels, and hanging out with friends. I've come to realize it's never too late to take a step back and live in the moment again.

Ver5us' ‘Alon' refreshes our memories of summer fun and reminds us of how beautiful the present moment can be, where anything is possible.
Ver5us in their latest music video, Alon.

With summer now among us here in the US, Ver5us has already been one step ahead in the game. 'Alon' energizes our body and reminds us of fun summer vibes. Lead Vocal, Josh, also shared how 'Alon' is like a remedy to help cure our souls from the stress of everyday life. The lyrics mention waves, dancing the day away and capturing memories throughout the night. Each line takes us into a positive world where you can just let go and every scene is filled with memories that take you back in time, ready to get outside and call your friends up. At the end of the MV, Ver5us is seen getting in a car and driving away to their next mysterious adventure. What we do know is that wherever they are headed, they are happy living in the moment. Leaving behind photos that fall out of the car, we get a shot of pictures of them at the beach. Even though they are headed to their next journey, they are leaving behind their own mark. It’s a mark of who they are and the moments they have shared with themselves and within our hearts. For now, we can expect Ver5us always bring us positive messages full of life.

Music that fills our hearts and heals our souls - a time of healing and remembrance.

Ver5us' ‘Alon’ lyrics surround its listeners with feelings of possibilities and wonder. But, like with any art form, this is just my personal imagery. The beauty of music is taking the lyrics & finding your own personal wonders behind them. What do the lyrics mean to you? What's your own interpretation? The ending verse of 'Alon' was my favorite:

Footage from Ver5us latest single, Alon

Come on and dance

Set aside your shyness

Just let the waves take you

So as to forget yesterday

The remembrance of not letting your fears stop you from trying new wonders. Waves are fearless and carefree, always moving where they desire. Set your own pass and live the life you want. Ver5us reminds us to enjoy the present and live fearlessly.


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