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VXON Will Make You Double-Take with Second Single, P.S

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

P-Pop Group, VXON in the promotion for their second single, P.S.

The "Monster Rookies of P-Pop" have turned the colors of candy floss for their new music

video and single, "P.S.." Promoted as "a new VXON" for the P-pop group, the new song and MV certainly deliver on the promise. "P.S." is the song no one expected from the beast idol group that shocked the P-pop world with their explosive and aggressive debut single and MV, "The Beast." Does their second single live up to the reputation? Let's find out.

The first hint of a drastic change for their second song came from its promotions. The moment their fans, Vixies, saw the lead tweet and bubblegum-colored promotional photos, they knew something big was coming. It turns out their new vision is a sweeter, more bouncy love song. Like their debut single, "P.S." was written by members Sam, C13, and Franz, proving their intent to continue their journey toward self-creating their music. With lyrics about the joyful confession of love (and hopes it will be returned), the song makes clever use of its title, “P.S.”, which stands for para sa’yo (for you). Combined with the song's upbeat melody, it equals a satisfying rhythm that leaves us you bopping along from start to finish. Both the vocal and rap lines shine equally in this song as well. While the usual vocalists continue to excel in their roles, the main visual, Vince, also steps up, reminding us that he has the voice to match his good looks.

From the first glance at the music video for "P.S.," it becomes obvious that VXON loves to shock their viewers. "The Beast" surprised everyone with its dark and sensual aesthetic. This time they shocked viewers with a complete about-face to the bubblegum aesthetic that most groups begin with. Even the two costume sets worn by the members contrast in the music video. They range from the sweetness of their boy-next-door, candy floss costumes to their streetwear outfits' bright and almost psychedelic colors. Even their hair matches the overall aesthetic, with the members sporting green, blue, purple, and white hair (except Sam, who kept his signature dark curls).

P-Pop Group, VXON in the music video for their second single, P.S.

Not to be left out of the members responsible for content creation, the bunso (youngest) of the group, Patrick, worked with C13 and Matt Padilla to create the choreography. While still as high energy as The Beast, the choreography of "P.S." is less acrobatic and more focused on the in-sync movements of the group. The real treat of the song is in the dance break at the end. A beat drop signals the change from bubblegum to beast mode as the members return to their acrobatic choreography for the final 30 seconds of the song. It's a smart choice. Not only does it show off the skills of all five members, but the placement means they aren't working so hard when the song is performed live.

P-Pop Group, VXON in the music video for their second single, P.S.

VXON hit hard with their debut single, proving they could go hard with lyrics, choreo, and beats. Now, with their second single, they've proved they have more tricks up their sleeve. If duality is the formula they are going for, we can't wait to see what they do next.

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