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Unleashing the Beast with The Monster Rookies of P-Pop

Updated: Jan 16, 2023

Rookie P-Pop group, VXON, skipped their bubblegum phase to burst into the scene this year with their debut single, "The Beast." The 5-member pop group consisting of C13, Sam, Franz, Vince, and Patrick debuted the music video on January 9th, after the previous releases of both the lyric video and the audio track on January 6th.

P-Pop group, VXON in a promotional image for their debut single, "The Beast"

The music video highlights a darker aesthetic than most p-pop groups start with, which matches the song's edgier and more sensual lyrics. Vince's clear, low voice sets the dark feel of the music through the intro rap, and, led by main dancer Patrick, the group exhibits their mastery of the choreography throughout the video. The choreographer, Matt Padilla, who met VXON for the music video, even commented on the high skill level of the group thanks to their previous experiences as dancers and performers. Meanwhile, well-timed beauty shots highlight the surprising acting skills of the group. Between the opulent look of the music video and the aggressive choreography and lyrics, the rookie group seems to be claiming a future title as P-Pop's newest beast idol group. Fitting, given their first music video, don't you think?

A fanbase has already begun to build around the 5 young Filipino musicians. In fact, the members named their fandom early, dubbing them "Vixies" on January 5th, the day before the audio for "The Beast" debuted. They've since been actively interacting with their fans on YouTube and social media, helping cement the bonds that can help their group and their fanbase grow.

One thing that seems to have drawn in new fans and casual viewers alike is the combination of the dark aesthetic of the song with the seemingly limitless charisma of the members themselves. From the impressive voice of main vocal, Franz, to the acting skills of lead dancer and singer Sam and the irresistible charm of frontman and leader C13, the members of VXON hold viewers' attention throughout the 3 and a half minute video. This is no surprise when one considers the careers of the young Filipinos and their combined years of experience. C13 had a solo career prior to debuting with VXON, having debuted first on the Korean talent show, Under 19 and releasing his single, "Stay" in 2021. Meanwhile, Sam made his acting debut in the Filipino drama Starla in 2019 and acted in 5 other roles between 2019 and 2021 before debuting with VXON.

P-Pop group, VXON in a still from their music video for "The Beast"

The impressive debut further steps it up yet another notch by including lyrics, music, and production by VXON members: C13, Franz, and Sam. This feat shows the potential of the young group toward continuing to make quality music in the future, provided that they continue on their journey towards self-creating and producing their music. With performances on the WishBus and the Wish music awards upcoming, it seems that VXON is in hot demand for a rookie group. The views, guestings, and performances are wracking up for VXON. This begs the question: what more does the rookie group have in store for their casual listeners, fans, and the media, and how will they tap into their seemingly limitless potential? We’ll be watching for sure.

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