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It's High Energy and Building Hype in the World of P-Pop

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

June 5, 2022 - June 12, 2022


Road To Debut: Episode 6 | Docuseries

How not to love the KAIA girls even more? This docuseries needs to come with a warning before casual viewers start watching because we became solid ZAIA by the time we finished Episode 6. Is there a better way to have a chat than at a slumber party and bond over fluffy stuffed toys, cookies, and ice cream?

Finally, we get to hear what the girls thought about each other and themselves during the auditions. The must-listen-to portion? Their messages to their future selves. We loved learning that while KAIA is, of course, levels more talented than us, we are all the same inside.

KAYA Acoustic Version | Performance Video

KAYA goes acoustic? Yes! Performed a little differently from other P-Pop girl groups, with the girls doing the music accompaniment themselves, KAIA shows they're a step up from the usual. Not just the acoustic guitars for melody and rhythm, but bass guitar, box, and shaker too.

Of course, the pared-down instrumentals allow their vocals to shine, thanks to musical director Adonis Tabanda's new arrangement plus vocal coaching. Alexa slays with her playful voice and rap, bringing fire to this version. Charice counters with her lower tones in both song and rap. Sophia brings in the strength of her voice, and Charlotte amazes us with her stable vocals while keeping pace on the box. Angela's beautiful vocals fulfill our expectations in this performance. Now we're wondering what "Blah Blah" might sound like in an acoustic version.

Spotify release when?



PPopCon Day 2 | Vlog

ALAMAT's video diary about PPOP Con continues on Day 2. The boys' excitement runs high as Alas takes over as the day's host. From stage blockings and equipment checks to getting ready and warm-ups, we get to share in their activities throughout the day. We love the thrills over their unique costumes decorated with traditional Filipino patterns and original art painted on the back of their jackets.

Snippets of their stage performance brought back memories, especially Tomas' emotional and tearful speech while he was remembering his father. The thanks to their support team and Magiliw deserved nothing less than the cheers they received. Was the exhaustion worth it? We certainly think so and echo Jao's wish of repeating the convention for years to come.

Alamat. Handa, 'rap!

'Sa Panaginip Na Lang - Midnight Version' | Audio Release & Visualizer

We're on version three of ALAMAT's comeback ballad, 'Sa Panaginip Na Lang', and we certainly aren't complaining. The midnight version is accompanied by a lyric visualizer that combines the most stirring moments from the music video with footage from PPopCon, where they originally debuted the song as a live comeback. It's a moving and fitting accompaniment to the song.

The stripped-down version of the pop-rock ballad pushes the group's ability to harmonize to the forefront. We wrote about the original 'Sa Panaginip Na Lang' music video and included the acoustic version in our monthly review. They've all made us cry. We've come to accept it at this point. ALAMAT is treating this ballad as a proper comeback, which begs the question, what's up next for who we're coming to call the "Phoenixes of P-Pop?"



Golden Arrow | WishBus Performance

The girls of BINI are flexing their vocals and rap skills in their first WishBus guesting with a performance of the third single from their debut album. 'Golden Arrow' has been one of their most successful singles and, performed here, it's not surprising. The vocal line is in fine form, with Colet, Jhoanna, and Maloi flexing their high notes and hyping the crowd at the same time. Not to be left out, the other members are adding their beautiful harmonies and elevating the song - even across two WishBuses. All in all, it's a stellar performance that is sure to get a repeat turn on Wish.

Na Na Na | Official Music Video

Who expected 'Na Na Na' to be such fun? After the performance video, we wondered what BINI would come up with to match the catchy, bouncy tune. The music video turned out to be more special than expected, with an ultimate Bloom getting to be part of the performance. That sweet budding romance between Bloom Dale and Star Magic Slaymate Sharina brought a sweet kilig to the small screen. Of course, BINI gets to play the role of encouraging classmates. It gives us a feel of a retro tv show, of a type that would get played for years in reruns. It's simply done but leaves you feeling really good. Keep an eye out for our full article.



Bulan | Dance Practice

There's nothing quite like a main dancer releasing a fully-choreographed solo single to get our attention. Of course, with the release of his latest single, 'Bulan,' FELIP (also known as the main dancer of SB19) followed his group's proud tradition and released a dance practice video. The full choreography performance mixes krumping with intense acrobatics and a dash of FELIP's own distinct dance style. Though the humble P-Pop artist takes center position throughout the choreography, the other dancers are heavily featured as well, reminding us of the collaborative nature of the piece.



Dunkin' Presents SB19 Concert | Vlog

It's a toss-back to the golden age of SB19 vlogs with their latest video. SB19 takes us behind the scenes as they prepare for and perform at their long-awaited Dunkin' concert at Araneta Coliseum. It's been two long years since Dunkin' Presents SB19: Live at Araneta was originally scheduled to take place, and SB19 isn't the same group - something that the boys are quick to point out. It's endlessly refreshing to watch them rehearsing and clowning around as they prepare for their concert and talk openly with their beloved A'tin. There is something truly refreshing in how SB19 is honest and open with their fans to whom they attribute all their successes.

Highlighting everything from rehearsal to wardrobe fitting and the backstage moments, the vlogs have evolved much like the members themselves. For every bit more serious they are, they are still the same humble, silly, and happy artists we met three years ago. We're manifesting more SB19 vlogs in the future and, of course, more music and performances by the P-Pop Kings.


AC Bonifacio

ACxFELIP Chris Brown - 'Gimme That' / Jay Roncesvalles Choreography | Dance Cover

What do you get when AC Bonifacio decides to crash FELIP's 'Bulan' dance practice? An impromptu jam session that leads to a dance cover, of course. Choreographed (apparently on the spot) by 'Bulan' choreographer Jay Roncesvalles, this cover is fire. Not only does it feature AC and FELIP, but also the members of Jay's dance crew, who are also featured in FELIP's video.

The song for the dance cover, 'Gimme That' by Chris Brown, was originally recorded in 2005, so it's no surprise the distinct style of the cover throws us back to the early 2000s. The two dancers feel like opposite versions of the same hip hop/soul style. FELIP has never been short of swag, and he brings the full force of it here. Meanwhile, AC brings the female boss vibes that remind us of a young J-Lo. All in all, the cover comes with a massive amount of charisma and chemistry that makes us want to see these two dance together more in the future.

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