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Unlock 'Behind the Scenes' In the Weekly Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

May 29 - June 4



2nd Wish Bus Guesting | Vlog

What's behind the perfection of ALAMAT's live harmonies on their second Wish Bus guesting? From vocal practice to prep, rehearsal, and final checks, we see how focused and dedicated they are to their craft. A lot of fan support doesn't hurt, either. Magiliw turned out to cheer their idols on, as is just right. The boys' happy smiles quickly turned serious as they performed current favorites. ALAMAT were quite kilig with the cheers and screams, and it showed all through the live recording.

Add us to the list of people who can't wait for Wish Bus to release these performances. Don't make us wait too long, please?

1st Live Bar Gig | Live Performance

With their four performances at The Social House in Makati City, the boys of ALAMAT prove they know how to vibe and play to a crowd. With R-Ji playing guitar in the background, the six artists performed four of their biggest hits as acoustic covers. One of them we'd already seen; their 'Sa Panaginip Na Lang' acoustic was recent, but all four numbers allowed the boys to flex some intense vocal riffs while playing up the perfect night-club jazz vibe. Obviously, the boys were having a great time, making jokes with the crowd and one another. It's great to see the boys moving past the hard times and celebrating their brotherhood and artistry. Add the building rumors of a new song inspired by a Hiligaynon lullaby? We're paying attention.



Road to Debut Episode 3, 4 & 5 | Docuseries

KAIA is keeping us busy with the release of the three episodes of their Road to Debut Docuseries this week. In the third episode, the girls chronicle their preparation for and release of their pre-debut single, 'Kaya .' While the pre-debut was well-received, it also occurred just before the most significant upset the group experienced – the loss of their sixth member, Joanna. Their feelings and their growth as a group are a big subject of the episode.

Episode four focuses on creating their debut song, 'BLAH BLAH.' The girls wrote the lyrics with the help of Lorenzo Santos, a former member of Lola Amour. Along with producer OhWon Lee, he helped them fine-tune the song. Music self-creation is in their future, just like their kuyas (big brothers, referring to SB19), even if there were a few bumps in the road.

Episode five covers a ton of material, everything from filming their 'BLAH BLAH' music video to their live performances at PPopCon and SB19's Dunkin Concert. It was a whirlwind time for the rookie group, who debuted at Araneta only days after their music video dropped. Check out their channel to watch the entire docuseries, and don't forget to read our article about 'BLAH BLAH' here.



Pit a Pat | Dance Practice

"The Nation's Girl Group" is back to share the dance practice video for their latest single, 'Pit a Pat .' The BINI girls are no strangers to dance practices, but they seem to improve each turn. At a glance, we can tell that the "Pit a Pat' choreography is no joke. Synchronizing standard choreography for eight members would be hard enough, but adding in the cute childhood games? Let's just say we are impressed. It's freeze-frame perfect choreography; what more can we ask for?



Fil Am Joins Pinoy-Pop Group, BGYO | Vlog

How to be a P-Pop idol for a day? From voice, rap, choreography, preparation, and even Filipino pronunciation lessons, Fil-Am vlogger Leo Albea joins BGYO in performing their debut song, 'The Light.'

From someone who's normally behind the camera to someone who's front and center, Leo learned the ropes with BGYO. We think he did a great job in only a day. If there's anything we can add, it's that these boys make fantastic teachers. Here's to more of P-Pop shared with the world!

Best Time | Reaction Video

We are always surprised by reaction videos, and BGYO's reaction video to their 'Best Time' music video is no exception. As the boys gather around to watch the video, the first thing we notice is how often they say "wow." The production team does, too, so there is an ongoing "WOW counter" in the corner. Throughout the reaction, the boys are not only impressed with the overall quality of the video but happy to share little snippets from behind the scenes and even point out their own mistakes. The boys of BGYO are humble enough to admit when they aren't perfect and tease each other relentlessly. They happily celebrate their success, eat their snacks, and give each other a hard time. We love to see it.



PS | Relay Dance

We found a sure way to put a smile on our faces. Just watch VXON slaying their new song 'P.S.' in a relay dance. The individual focus on each member emphasizes the sweet, playful mood of this upbeat love song, and the sharp execution of the steps makes them shine.

What's better than VXON slaying their steps? The outtakes at the end show their goofy side. It's guaranteed to bring out a laugh or two then you can watch it all over again for more.


The Juans

Still Standing | Song Story

One of our favorite songs on the Liwanag album, 'Still Standing,' has a story that gives us insight into why The Juans are The Juans. While reeling from a casual but crucial comment that told the band they weren't anything special, they realized ordinary was built into their name. They are just like every Juan else, but it doesn't need to stop them – or you – from pushing beyond what's expected, reaching their dreams, and finding success.

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