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It's All About PPopCon In the Weekly Review

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

May 15 - May 21

4th Impact

PPopCon K(no)w More | Focus Cams

The Queens are at it again, reminding us of their intense and emotional performance at PPop Con. This time, it's with a set of focus cams for the performance of their first single, "K(no)w More." Together, the sisters are a master class in in-sync choreo. We've said it before; there's nothing like the Cercado Sisters' lifetime of sisterhood and performing to make a routine perfect. From the precision of Celina to the aggressive swag of Mylene and the overwhelming joy of Irene, the sisters shine as individuals on their PPop Con Stage. Not to be left out, the focus cam of the oldest sister, Almira, shows how clever choreography puts her in the position to belt her vocal riffs and runs. All in all, the lovely ladies of 4th Impact are on fire, as usual.



@PPOP Con - Day 1 | Vlog

PPopCon was a big day for all the groups, and Alamat was no exception. The behind-the-scenes vlog shared their highs and high-ers during the first day. Starting with meeting the Magiliws (their fan base) face to face in the New Frontier Theater and showing off the gifts they received, the boys were overwhelmed with the show of support. Their prep for the rehearsals shows how seriously they take their craft as artists. Just the vocalization practice explains how they can develop such beautiful harmonies. This was also when they had their live comeback with their ballad, "Sa Panaginip Na Lang" (Only In Dreams), and we could feel their excitement. As they left us with sneak peeks of the next vlog, we can only guess how happy Alamat was to be part of music history with their friends in the industry.



Best Time | Performance Video

The boys of BGYO are back with a performance video of the OST for season two of He's Into Her. "Best Time," which follows their single from last year for the first season in theme, is an upbeat but surprisingly melancholy track. It reminds us of the bittersweet memory of looking back at your time in high school, which makes sense since it's shot at the same location as the music video. With the scenes moving seamlessly between the outdoors and the corridors of the school, the performance video is bringing out the best in the boys of BGYO. Putting on the swag of their character personas and flexing their choreo skills are their bread and butter. If we had one criticism? There is a flashing light effect in many scenes, almost like photographs are being taken, and it distracts us from the boys' performance.



Bulan | Concept Trailer

Felip has never been a stranger to cryptic messages, as A'tin who were waiting for his debut of "Palayo" (Away) are well aware. He follows in this tradition as "Bulan" (Moon) starts up its drive again until the new official music video release date on May 28, 2022. This teaser was only a verse, “O Haliya, ibukas ang mata. Huwag magpa-api sa Bakunawa” (O Haliya, open your eyes. Don't be bullied by Bakunawa). It's accompanied by a short clip of a veiled woman dancing and her veil later falling on Felip. The 9-second video ends with a quick shot of him opening his eyes. The verse refers to two deities in Philippine mythology - Bakunawa, the sea dragon who devours the moon, and Haliya, the warrior moon goddess who is his arch-enemy. Speculation is high that "Bulan" refers to Haliya's twin, whom Bakunawa killed because of his beautiful light. Is Felip one of the characters? Are all three facets of his personality? Will A'tin guess right this time? We shall see.



Road to Debut, Episode 1 | Docuseries

The first episode of KAIA's "Road to Debut Docuseries" starts their journey off at the very beginning, with the members' auditions. Starting with their childhood experiences as performers, the girls of KAIA detail their journey through auditions and as trainees. As the number of trainees dwindled, the group became more tight-knit until only the six original members of KAIA remained. We love the intimate look into the journey of this new, but powerful, girl group and are excited to see episode two as they continue their training and meet their mentors.



Bazinga 2022 PPOPCON | Stage Rehearsal

Bazinga was the expected hit of PPop Con, and everyone wanted to see how SB19 did it. Enter the stage rehearsal on Day One of the conference. The camera points head-on to the stage, giving an unobstructed view of the entire area. SB19 starts off front and center, carefully marking their blockings while giving off one hundred percent of the energy we will see in the performance the next day. SB19's dedicated dance crew, HS Zone, show off their ninja moves while silently moving on and off the stage before exploding into choreography. Everyone who needed more of Bazinga's new dance break? You need to give this rehearsal video a watch. Or three.

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