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A'tin is the self-proclaimed, small, but dedicated, fandom behind P-Pop supergroup, SB19. The name A'tin is a collective noun (meaning it's never written A'tins) that comes from the Filipino words atin, meaning "ours." SB19 chose the name for their fandom because they dedicate every win and every achievement to their fans and share all their goals, dreams, and victories equally with them. SB19 shares a close bond with its fans, often choosing to interact with them on Twitter, various live stream services, and even in public places regularly. 

FUN FACT: Unlike the Filipino word atin, A'tin is pronounced like the eighteen. This was intentional, as the number 18 always comes before 19 and there can be no SB19 without their A'tin.

A'tin Twitter

  • SB19 Trends Team
  • SB19 Voting Team
  • A'tin Global Society
  • A'tin Philippines
  • US A'tin
  • SB19 News Source (Journo)
  • SB19 Stell's Fanbase (Stellars)
  • SB19 Josh's Fanbase (Cullenels)
  • SB19 Justin's Fanbase (J League)
  • SB19 Ken's Fanbase (Sunnies)
  • SB19 Pablo's Fanbase (Echoes)
  • SB19 Translations Team

   A'tin have long been major players in Twitter, capable of dominating the trends lists in The Philippines and worldwide. It's not surprising since Twitter was where SB19 got their big break (you can read more about it here...) SB19's Twitter fans are organized into several large and influential fanbases and led in their trending efforts by their trends team, which sets tags for use by fans.
   The most significant and surprising achievement of A'tin on Twitter was SB19's placement on the Billboard Hot Trending Songs Chart. The chart is powered by Twitter, which allowed A'tin to dominate the list for 7 weeks, creating more than 9 million Tweets in 1 tracking week (read our article about it

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