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Josh Cullen Santos

"Do not be afraid to take the leap if it is worth the fall."

Lead Rapper & Vocalist of SB19

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  • Josh Cullen Santos Official Facebook
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Before SB19

  • Started dancing K-Pop Covers competitively in 2013 as a member of Bik Baeng & Se-Eon

  • He met fellow SB19 member, Stell, in Se-Eon

  • Se-Eon won competitions locally and internationally.

  • He's a Dance Dance Revolution Champion

  • Participated 2x as a model in the Link-Up Productions Link-Up Cuties Fasion Shoot and K-Pop Fashion Show.

  • Before debut, he worked in a computer shop and as a call center agent.

  • He was raised by a single mom and has always been open about his struggles and history.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Voted Sexiest Man in the Philippines (2020)

  • 9th in Asian Hearthrobs (2021)

  • Tier One Entertainment IRL Award

  • Tournament Winner for Valorant, DOTA2 and Mobile Legends

Solo Career

  • Solo Name: JoshCullen

  • Solo Debut: February 24, 2023 

  • 2 Music Videos & 1 Collab

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