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"Do not be afraid to take the leap if it is worth the fall."

Josh Cullen Alberto Santos

Lead Rapper & Subvocalist of SB19

Facts about P-Pop Arists, Josh Cullen Santos

Before SB19

     Josh started dancing K-Pop covers competitively in 2013. His mainstay groups were Bik Baeng, which covered BigBang, and Se-Eon with SB19 co-member, Stell, which primarily covered BTS. Se-Eon won numerous competitions locally and internationally. As an amateur gamer, Josh won several competitions, including Dance Dance Revo. He also had a few modeling stints and was one of the few to be invited twice to Link-Up Productions Link-Up Cuties Fashion Shoot and K-Pop Fashion Show. He tried out for ShowBT’s call for auditions for talented artists on August 24, 2016, the day after Pablo and Stell was scheduled.

    He worked in a computer shop and then as a call center agent until his debut with SB19. Josh has been open about his struggles and history before SB19 on his YouTube channel, and you can view his vlog about his past here.



  • Josh Cullen Santos Official Twitter
  • Josh Cullen Santos Official Instagram
  • JoshCullen Official Gamer Page
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  • Josh Cullen Santos Official Facebook
  • TikTok

 Josh has always been introduced as the most charismatic member of SB19, but he is also known for his piercing eyes and impressive physique. His eye is featured as the cover art for their debut single, “Tilaluha” (check out their discography), and in 2020 he was voted the Sexiest Man

in the Philippines with over a million votes more than his competitors on Starmometer’s 14-year long poll. He also placed ninth in Starmometer’s Asian Heartthrobs poll of 2021, with his co-members, Ken in tenth place, and Justin, taking the title.

     In 2021, Josh was awarded Tier One Entertainment’s IRL Award as People’s Choice, cementing his semi-professional gamer and streamer status. His followers voted him number one over the 24 others in the major category. As a gamer, he has also participated in multiple celebrity tournaments and competitions including Valorant, DOTA2, and Mobile Legends.

Awards and Accomplishments

Diamond and Chevron Wave.png
Diamond and Chevron Wave.png

Internet Personality

     JoshCullen has an active FaceBook gaming page with more than 200,000 followers since the account started on June 7, 2020. His live streams, which regularly boast 5,000+ viewers, feature him PC and mobile gaming while interacting with fans and playing SB19 songs.
     While not as active on his YouTube account, his vlogs have gotten him more than 130,000 followers, a Silver Play Button, and more than a million views on his videos. His aim is to show more of his life behind the camera, as the fans, A’tin
, usually see them when performing. 

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