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"Music paved the way for us to connect with other people, to understand them better, all because of music."

Felip Jhon Dumpit Suson

Main Dancer & Lead Vocal of SB19

Facts about P-Pop artist, Ken Suson

     Ken, like Justin, was a student excelling in art and athletics before SB19’s debut. He won a division award for his editorial cartooning and was a varsity player for sepak takraw, volleyball, and basketball. He only discovered his dancing ability when forced to join a dance team for his grades.

     While dancing in K-Pop cover groups and joining national competitions, he was an architecture student at the Technological Institute of the Philippines. At that time, he was also invited to be part of the Link-Up Productions Link-Up Cuties Fashion Shoot and K-Pop Fashion Show at the same time Stell and Josh participated. At one point, Ken took a break from his studies and returned to his hometown in Mindanao. When he was about to re-enroll, he received a text from Josh inviting him to become a member of SB19. After a 

 virtual audition with their management company ShowBT, he was accepted to the band.

Before SB19


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Fashion Influencer

     Ken's signature look has always been a distinct and daring style. The member who dares to wear almost anything during their fashion shoots stands out as a style icon, and owning a clothing line has been one of his dreams.

     July 2021 saw a hashtag #SUperiorSON drop. In August 2021, Ken flashed a series of Instagram stories teasing a logo and several close-up sketches. The first drop of his hoodie and t-shirt in his distinctive black accented with the deconstructed SuperiorSon logo sold out in a few hours, as did the second. After a series of media articles congratulating the fledgling CEO, it's safe to say Ken Suson fulfilled another dream. He later went on to bag the Fashion Influencer of the Year for Village Pipol's Choice Awards 2020 & 2021.

La Luna Wave.png
La Luna Wave.png

     The music video and audio for Ken's original Bisaya composition, Palayo, were finally released when Atin's demand for a copy of the song became overwhelming. On September 18, 2021, the Palayo single and MV were released under Ken's real name Felip, marking the first solo debut of an SB19 member as an indie artist. By January 2022, Palayo reached 2 million streams on YouTube.

      He released his second single, Bulan, on May 28, 2022. It followed in Palayo's footsteps, reaching 500 thousand views in under 24 hours.

Solo Career

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