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Ken Suson

"Music paved the way for us to connect with other people, to understand them better, all because of music."

Main Dancer & Lead Vocalist of SB19

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  • Ken Suson Official Twitter Account
  • Ken Suson Official Instagram
  • Ken Suson Gaming Page
  • Ken Suson Official Facebook
  • FELIP Official YouTube Channel
  • Ken Suson Official TikTok
  • FELIP Official Spotify
  • FELIP Official Apple Music

Before SB19

  • Played sepak takraw, volleyball and basketball in high school.

  • Studied architecture at the Technological Institute of the Philippines

  • Took a break from his studies, during which we auditioned for SB19

  • Invited to Link-Up Productions Link Up Cuties Fashion Shoot and K-Pop Fashion Show.

  • Raised on Mindanao by his grandparents

Fashion Influencer

  • CEO of SuperiorSon - a Fashion and Production company.

  • Voted Village Pipol's Fashion Influencer of the Year 3 times in 2021, 2022, & 2023

  • Has released 3 series in his fashion line, including an exclusive series for his sophomore single.

Solo Career

  • Solo Name: FELIP

  • Solo Debut: September 18, 2021

  • 2 Music Video Singles, 1 EP

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