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“If we love ourselves, we can be more open to everything.”

Stellvester Quitales Ajero

Main Vocal and Lead Dancer of SB19

Facts about P-Pop artist, Stell Ajero

Before SB19

    Stell started his competitive dance career in high school as one of the founding members of K-Pop cover group Se-Eon. Together with SB19 member Josh, who joined Se-Eon a few years later, they won seven major international competitions and dominated the local dance scene. 

    He was studying Hotel and Restaurant Management at STI College Makati when the toll of studies, work, and competitions became too much. He was on the verge of developing pulmonary edema. A forced hiatus with his family in Japan was needed to recover his health. Afterward, he returned to the Philippines and started dancing competitions and guest performances again. Se-Eon won the international 2014 KPOP Festival held in Incheon; his hard work paid off.

He auditioned for ShowBT at the same time as Pablo and Josh and became part of the Narra Musical Gala Team as part of their training pre-debut.


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P-Pop Artist and Member of SB19, Stell Ajero, in a recorded first run-through of the What? choreography
P-Pop Artist and Member of SB19, Stell Ajero, in the choreograhers's version of their What? Choreography
P-Pop group, SB19 performing their SLMT Choreography, as arranged by member, Stell Ajero


     Stell is well-known as SB19’s in-house choreographer. Rumored to be so quick with steps that he just needs to see them once and be able to recreate them perfectly, he is a true asset to the group. His ability to quickly immerse himself in the songs and produce steps that interpret the lyrics set his choreography style apart.

     Best known for the choreography that made them viral, Go Up has a timeless feel that expresses the words which all of them put down as their story. It was the start of Stell’s role and, with inputs from Josh and Ken, he came up with the dance that became their redemption song. Perhaps his most intricate work to date, however,  is the choreography of SB19’s comeback song What? assisted by their dance master Tank Bautista and fellow band member Ken, Stell was able to translate Pablo’s inspirational words into military-influenced, beat-driven, lyrical movements. Further evolution of the choreography came with their Third Anniversary concert, Our Zone, where he developed a dance break based on STOMP, which harmonized with the post-apocalyptic setting for the live interpretation of the song.
     He was also behind the fun choreography of the song dedicated to
A’tin, SLMT. The happy tune is complemented by quirky movements that play on the fandom’s code words for their Mahalima.

TikTok Enterprise

    While a relative newcomer to the social media scene, Stell has become notorious for breaking the internet whenever he goes live on TikTok. His live streams last a couple of hours on average, with a single session recording 99,600 unique viewers. He keeps his audience entertained with stories, interactions with the live chat, and karaoke sessions, sometimes with his favorite ukelele. At the same time, his song and dance covers on TikTok have reached impressive numbers of views.

     Vlogging has become his latest social media venture, and he has more than a decent number of viewers and followers on his YouTube channel. Like Justin and Josh, his preferred subject is behind-the-scenes looks into his life behind the cameras, what happens at work, or during his travels. 

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