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Soloists of the Philippines

It’s no surprise that a country like The Philippines, known for its musical prowess, is home to a long line of exceptional solo artists. The rising generation of soloists is no exception. They are already gathering strong fanbases, making smart collaborations, and using their gifts to uplift OPM and their country. Each artist is bringing a new sound and unique flavor to the rising generation.

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Diversity in OPM

OPM covers a wide range of genres. From traditional Filipino sounds to the latest electronic beats, Pinoy artists cover them all. Although ballads are still a crowd favorite, the 90s return to traditional instruments was quickly fused with rock and rap and sparked a sense of cultural pride. Today, R&B and modern rap address complex topics like mental health and female empowerment, while EDM, rock and heavy metal are making a splash and clapping back at bashers.

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