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SB19 Teases Fans with Playful Mini Series, Our Zone

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Poster celebrating P-Pop group, SB19's Our Zone mini series.

As their Our Zone (Ozone) concert approaches, SB19 has taken their fans on a journey to remember and appreciate what has made their fandom special. Their Ozone Concert is the culmination of a month-long celebration of the 3rd anniversary of SB19’s debut and the 2nd anniversary of their official fandom, A’tin. Beginning with the release of their latest music video, Bazinga, (Watch it here) A’tin have followed SB19’s trail of surprises that lead to the concert launch. From teasers of three new songs to 6 mini episodes of the Our Zone Anniversary Series, there has not been one empty moment.

But what is Our Zone and what does it mean for A’tin? SB19 gave the fans their take with their Anniversary Series and this is what they say:

Our Zone is for the Dreamers

Almost all A’tin are dreamers, they learned it from SB19. More than dreamers, the members of SB19 took their dreams and made them a reality; they taught their fans that they can do the same, in their own way. For A’tin, being a dreamer is a prerequisite; they are one and the same. As SB19 said in their second single, Go Up: ‘I will give my heart and my all. In reaching my dreams, I will never stop. I’m ready to face anything.”

Our Zone will play with your Emotions

For every A’tin, there’s an SB19 lyric that can be quoted for almost every emotion. They express their sorrow with Tilaluha and Hanggang Sa Huli and their determination with Go Up and What?. Bazinga expresses anger in positive ways, while MAPA and SLMT are different ways to show love to family and friends. Ikako brings hope and reassurance.

A’tin tap into the emotions of the songs and lyrics because SB19 embodies them in their actions, words and the way they perform. They are passionate about their craft and it becomes part of the collective identity of the fandom.

Our Zone is for Everyone

A’tin is a truly diverse fandom hailing from everywhere, every age, and every walk of life. Male, female, non-binary, from grandmothers to teenagers and babies; there is one thread that links them together: Mahalima, the love for all five members of SB19.

Our Zone is where your Desires sit.

A’tin are quick to identify the traits they want to have in the members of SB19; their desires to better themselves are encouraged and inspired by the artists they support.

  • Artists (of all kinds) find inspiration in Justin’s imagination and creativity.

  • Ken shows his passion for his dreams, his life, and his native language (Bisaya) in everything that he does.

  • Josh reminds everyone that strength of character is born from trials and can overcome any barrier.

  • Pablo uses his gift for words and music together with his quick wit to entertain, educate and inspire the fandom.

  • Gentleness and compassion are what makes Stell the emotional heart of the group and of A’tin as a whole. His sweet and playful demeanor reminds his fans that their emotions are always valid.

The desires of A’tin ultimately sit with the members themselves and with everything they represent.

Our Zone is a Gift

If there is one thing that SB19 likes to do, it’s giving A’tin gifts to remind them how important they are. Everything they do is a gift: from the song SLMT, to ShowBreak episodes, Vlogs, personal replies on Twitter parties, and even their live streams. No matter what the SB19 gains, A’tin receives more.

They choose to do things with A’tin in mind. The songs may be great for listening and perfect for dancing, but they're also about what SB19 is going through and the messages are gifts to their fans as well:

  • What? was about SB19’s journey, but it was also a reminder to be proud of oneself.

  • Ikako was a gift of hope and gratitude for everyone struggling through the pandemic.

  • MAPA was a tribute for their parents, but became a way for people to express how they felt, to make a promise or to come to terms with a loss.

  • Bazinga was about overcoming their struggles as a group, but was ultimately a message of hope and reassurance for the bullied and the downtrodden.

Our Zone has No Boundaries

SB19 has left this statement with many interpretations. From their name alone, Sound Break, they will continue to break down boundaries, cross over genres, push through limits, and never stop. SB19 will truly stop at nothing to bring their fans an experience that blows away all boundaries and expectations.

As they said after their Go Up music video went viral: “We promise you that our hearts will never falter. From our debut, until the very end - we will always be the same SB19. We will stay humble, and we will do our best in every stage performance.”

And it doesn't stop with their music; they use their status as pop idols to change preconceived perceptions with fashion, easily mix and cross gender lines, from clothing choices to self-love and self-expression. The promise of No Boundaries is in everything they do.

Finally, A'tin are touching down after a months' long journey, welcomed back to The Zone by SB19 themselves. What surprises are in store in Our Zone this time around?

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