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From Classics to New OSTs, P-Pop isn't just Defining Music.

P-Pop songs are cropping up everywhere, from Spotify and iTunes to commercials, movies, and TV. That's right - we've got the P-Pop OSTs of 2022 here (in no particular order). We've got a special shoutout to a bunch of groups with OSTs NOT on this list (The Juans, BINI, and ALAMAT). Why not here? This list is only for songs created to be on a soundtrack.

Win Your Heart | SB19 for Binibining Pilipinas

There is nothing the Philippines like better than a beauty queen, and there's none more iconic than the Binibining Pilipinas Pageant to drive that point home. Needless to say, nothing goes better with a beauty queen than the Kings of P-Pop. That's exactly what we got with SB19's reimagining of the famous song. Of course, it comes with a studio music video that shows them either at the microphone or jumping around like silly boys as they cheer for each other. One thing is for sure: 3.3 million views don't lie - SB19 are the vanguards of P-Pop.

Win Your Heart Studio Music Video


Best Time | BGYO for He's Into Her

Love is in the air again as the boys of BGYO reprise their role as the artists behind the OSTs for the digital Philippine romantic comedy, He's Into Her. The OST has a lovely duality, with the melancholy quality of the melody and opening vocals driving home the nostalgia. Reminiscent of the original OST, the new video shows the boys sneaking back onto their high school campus and reliving their time as students before they are chased off by the security guard. Overall it's a smart move to play on nostalgia while delivering the important reminder that "you are special."

Best Time Music Video


Kabataang Pinoy | BINI & SB19 for Pinoy Big Brother

Making history as the first musical collaboration between P-Pop groups from different companies, the modern remake of 2008's Kabataang Pinoy for Pinoy Big Brother was a definite win-win-win for BINI, SB19, and their fans. Remastered by Jonathan Manalo for the latest music legends, the remake sticks to the Itchyworms classic band era vibe and adds on P-Pop standards of complex harmonies plus rap verses. And we're pretty sure the original song didn't sport choreography like this!

Kabataang Pinoy Music Video


Reach the Top | VXON for Top Class: Rise to P-Pop Stardom

P-Pop rise, indeed! Cornerstone Entertainment set up a reality competition for the next P-Pop superstars with Top Class: Rise to P-Pop Stardom. Who better to sing the soundtrack than their own Monsters of P-Pop, VXON? Inspiring lyrics and dramatic music set the stage for the competition that birthed the latest group-in-training, Yama.

Reach The Top Dance Performance Video


Luv Is | VXON for Luv Is: Caught In His Arms

In case we forgot that VXON are masters of the switch between edgy and upbeat, The Monsters of P-Pop were quick to remind us with their collaboration with Zephanie for 'Luv Is', the OST for Luv Is: Caught in His Arms. With bright aesthetics, relatable street style, and serious vocals, this track is the perfect accompaniment to the TV drama romance anthology based on the hit Wattpad series by Hope Monzanto.

Luv Is Music Video


Mahal Na Kita | BGYO for Bola Bola

Music as the backdrop to food and romance? If you consider BGYO's Akira Morishita as one of the leading men of the rom-com miniseries Bola Bola, based on Anna Geronga's novel of the same name, then yes. Akira doesn't only sing the soundtrack 'Mahal Na Kita'; he teams up with his brothers in BGYO for a group version of the same song. Co-written by Akira himself along with veteran composer Jonathan Manalo, it gives the perfect light-hearted feel to a teen drama that speaks of dealing with body image issues, self-acceptance, and finding love in yourself first.

Mahal Na Kita Lyric Video


Patuloy Lang Ang Lipad | BGYO for Darna

Pinoy Komiks Classic Darna goes through a modernized remake, and boy group BGYO takes a hand in the title soundtrack. The latest reincarnation of the superheroine loses none of her appeal, and 'Patuloy Lang ang Lipad' underscores the cute and campy (in a good way) storyline of a normal female who discovers she has an otherworldly gift and special mission to protect the world.

Patuloy Lang Ang Lipad Studio Music Video

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