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4th Impact Devastates With Amazing Comeback, "Here We Go"

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Finally, Here We Go! The Queens have staked their claim with an explosive comeback, and no one is more excited than their fandom, Dreamers, to see them reach new heights. It's been nearly two years since the release of their first single, "K(no)w More." Now, the ladies of 4th Impact have returned under new management and a new record label. The result is a powerful anthem that boldly sets a higher standard for female P-Pop groups and dares anyone to call them a simple "girl group."

P-Pop group, 4th Impact in their comeback music video,  "Here We Go".

It's no surprise that the vocals of the Cercado Sisters are world-class. Their skills have only improved since their 5th place finish on X-Factor UK in 2015, where they won the respect of Simon Cowell but were voted off in a deadlock. All four ladies of 4th Impact flex their unique and powerful voices in the song, from Celina's aggressive rap to Almira's impressive whistle-notes. The track, which is a collaboration with composer and keyboardist Choi Young Ho of Handsome People and Dizzy Sunn, was made specifically to showcase the Broadway-like quality the collaborators heard in their the sisters' voices. The lyrics and vocal arrangement were all done by 4th Impact with the rap handled by Almira, Irene, and Celina, while Mylene concentrated on the vocal arrangement. It was the first time the sisters had the opportunity to write their own song, and it took them only a day.

P-Pop group, 4th Impact in their comeback music video,  "Here We Go".

The music video lives up to the standard of the song in every way. Dramatic lighting and creative backdrops set the scene for the sisters to don fantastic Goddess costumes. Each lady is shown with her own world to rule over while belting out impressive solo parts. Represented by the natural element to match her personality, style, and vocal quality, it makes for an impressive display. Leader Almira is portrayed as Water, matching her siren-like voice. The swagger of Irene is evident in her Fire Goddess costume, and Mylene, with her signature vocal growl, is portrayed as Earth. Fierce rapper Celina rounds out the quartet as the Wind. The result is a thrilling display of their power as women and Filipinas.

Not to be left out of dance-centric groups, the main stage for the MV features the sisters in daring black sequin outfits. The ladies slay with the expert synchronization that comes from a decade of performing together and a lifetime of sisterhood. Intricate choreography isn't new to this group, and they show off the complicated routines that have become their signature.

P-Pop group, 4th Impact in their comeback music video,  "Here We Go".

"Here We Go" is also about their journey and awareness of how important it is to be together. "Lahat ay posible basta Sama-sama tayo" (Everything's possible as long as we're together) has been their motto. They've gone through multiple transformations over the years but never let go of who they are. They've kept true to themselves and never wavered an inch. In an age where the media sets impossible standards for performers and women, it's refreshing to see a group that sets such high family, artistry, and body positivity standards. Seven long years have passed since X-Factor, and the brave and talented women of 4th Impact have stayed strong. We are excited to see them return even more powerful than before.

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