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13 New P-Pop Releases In April That'll Make You Fangirl

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

Spurred on by the first-ever PPopCon, April was a banner month for P-Pop releases. With a staggering four music video releases (including one comeback and one debut) and the release of a new EP, it was an exciting month for P-Pop stans. Read on to find out why.

April 1, 2022: "Now Way Man" Music Video by MNL48

It's been a long hiatus, but the Senbatsu of MNL48 are back with their seventh single, "No Way Man." With lyrics encouraging overcoming trials and diversity, It's a good choice for the group after their year and a half long break from music production thanks to the pandemic. Larger groups like MNL48 were pinned down by the restrictions and lockdowns of the last two years, so we are glad to see them finally return stronger than ever.

The music video proudly displays the perfectly in-sync vocals and choreo that the 16-member subunit has always been known for, and they haven't skipped a beat. Following in the footsteps of their last single, "River," this most recent single builds on the unified look of the ever-changing Senbatsu, including their signature seifuku or uniforms. If anything, the long hiatus has only made MNL48 stronger. They've certainly been active for this comeback with multiple performances and videos to promote their new single. Check them all out on their channel.


April 6, 2022: "P.S." Dance Practice by VXON

VXON is back, showing off their impressive dance skills and synchronization with their P.S. dance practice video. Like the music video (check out our article here), the stage routine has the same light-hearted aesthetic. The members take their moments of playfulness, especially with each other, but the overall routine is edgier, like what we found in their music video and performances of "The Beast." It's an interesting mix for the boy group who hit the ground hard with their debut single. Duality seems to be their brand so far.


April 7, 2022; "La Luna" WishBus Performance by PABLO

It's a huge milestone for P-Pop artist PABLO to make his debut at the WishBus with "La Luna." He's no stranger to WishBus, thanks to many award-winning performances with his P-Pop group, SB19, but this was his first time performing solo. One thing is for certain, he knows how to play to a crowd, which shows in this first-ever live performance of the rap track. The crowd outside was massive, with A'tin from all over Manila gathered to watch the performances of PABLO, FELIP, and SB19. The rap track has made waves in the rap and hip hop community and among his fans, so be sure to check out our article about it here.


April 8, 2022: "Blah Blah" Music Video by KAIA

It was a big month for KAIA, who finally debuted with their first official single, "Blah Blah." This fully-English song includes lyrics written by the five members with assistance in lyrics and production from songwriter and composer OhWon Lee. In the song, KAIA focuses on social issues that young women face. "Blah Blah" speaks of self-love and the confidence needed when a relationship is involved. It focuses on losing yourself in infatuation that is mistaken for love.

The music video showcases the theme nicely, showing the girls on sweet dates before realizing they've lost themselves and their individual sparks. With such an explosive debut, these girls look nothing like rookies. Check out our full article about "Blah Blah" here.


April 13, 2022: "Liwanag" Performance Video by the juans

The juans are back behind their instruments again for the performance video of "Liwanag" (Light), the title track from their first full album. The music video, which premiered in March, completely pulled the 5 members into the scene and we loved seeing them as the stars of their own video since it's a reminder that the members are more than just the instruments they play. For the performance video, they're back to basics, and it's fantastic to see them mixing the aesthetics of the music video and its imagery of the aftermath of Typhoon Odette with the members displaying their considerable skills as musicians. Overall, it's a beautiful aesthetic to match a beautiful song.


April 16, 2022: Alas Dos EP by Josue

Solo artist Josue dropped his first EP this month, Alas Dos. Featuring his first MV, "bulalakaw," on the track list, the EP is written, composed, and produced by the artist himself. With the additions from his EP, it looks like Josue is settling into a distinct style as an emotionally-charged rap artist. Peppered with his own experiences as an artist and a person, the songs deal with issues like overcoming the expectations of others and choosing to dream beyond your current place in life. It's a bold move for Josue, and we are excited to see his music reach more fans.


April 19 - 24: "Bazinga" Focus Cams by SB19

If it seems odd that P-Pop group SB19 released a "Bazinga" focus cam for every single member of the group, then we'd generally agree with you. Their performance at PPopCon, however, was anything but ordinary. In the last few months, "Bazinga" has been one of SB19's more often performed songs, and its Billboard success means that it's been everywhere. With PPopCon being SB19's first performance in front of a live audience since the start of the pandemic, it needed something special. That's where choreographer, Stell, stepped up.

Occurring just before Ken's iconic rap verse, the new dance break happens within a heartbeat – almost literally as the lights dim and the music goes flatline. The decidedly wicked dance break has been repeated at each performance since and always with Josh's on-the-spot wardrobe alteration (not sure what we mean? Better watch it).


April 20, 2022: "Blah Blah" Performance on Unang Hirit by KAIA

The girls of KAIA brought it all with them to their first television performance of their debut single, "Blah Blah." Delivering powerhouse live vocals, on-point choreography, and a heap of swag, these so-called rookies continue to make us question how they debuted just a month ago. It's not surprising, given their training, that KAIA left it all on the stage for their first TV performance, wowing fans and casuals alike.


April 22, 2022: "Best Time" Music Video by BGYO

With the second season of "He's Into Her" comes a second OST from P-Pop group BGYO. "Best Time" is the perfect sequel to their first OST, "He's Into Her," which was released in 2021. "He's Into Her" is one of their most popular videos. Thanks to its upbeat but surprisingly melancholy lyrics and melody, "Best Time" is shaping up to follow in its footsteps.

The music video starts with a reminiscence of the original OST, where the members played high school students. The new video shows them sneaking back onto the campus and reliving their time as students before they are chased off by the security guard. Overall it's a smart move to play on nostalgia while delivering the important reminder that "you are special."


April 22, 2022: "Dime Girls" WishBus Performance by Alex Bruce

Live performances are the bread and butter of rap prodigy Alex Bruce, and we love to see her back at the WishBus for her latest single, "Dime Girls." Alex is no stranger to the WishBus, having debuted there in 2019 with her single, "Mind as a Weapon." Now a teenager, she's still slaying live WishBus performances with anthems about empowerment and learning to use your voice. With the line, "Where the boys at? Take your seat, please," her newest single reminds us that Alex needs no man to provide for her -- "Binibini is into money-making." She owns the WishBus as much as an artist can own any stage.


April 28, 2022: "Here We Go" Performance on Unang Hirit by 4th Impact

The sisters of 4th Impact bring all their usual fire to their live performance of their comeback single, "Here We Go," on Unang Hirit. We love to hear their incredible vocal range and watch the perfect choreo that only comes from a lot of practice and a lifetime as sisters. There are some notable audio problems, but let's face it, it's hardly the first time an audio engineer had trouble containing the Cercado Sisters' powerful voices. All in all, it's a flawless performance by the Queens of P-Pop. Oh, and read more about their single, “Here We Go” here.


April 29, 2022: "Sa Panaginip Na Lang" Music Video by ALAMAT

Filipino boy group ALAMAT dropped their latest single, "Sa Panaginip Na Lang," (Just in Dreams) just before the end of the month. The track, which first debuted live at PPopCon, is a heartbreaking ballad about choosing to live in a dream rather than in a harsh reality without the one you love. We really aren't over it yet. The six-member, multilingual boy group has stolen our hearts and made us want to cry and eat Ben & Jerry's.

In addition to the near-perfect vocals of all six members, the music video shows them comfortable in their own skin, and the overall aesthetic of the song is incredibly relatable. Most striking is the intense emotion of the song. If the lyrics and melody don't take you down, the heart-wrenching performances of the six artists will. With the rough start ALAMAT had to 2022, it's no surprise the members bring the full force of their emotions to this first music video as a 6-member group.


April 29, 2022: "Pit A Pat" Special Performance Video by BINI

Let's talk about Girl Power. If you don't remember that phrase, you can learn about it with BINI's new single, "Pit a Pat." The girls flex their power and tell the boys, "I'm flattered, but it doesn't matter." They aren't about getting the boys' attention because they are going to bring the power and make it rain. BINI lives up to the hype with the final verse and chorus of the song performed in Filipino and written by the girls themselves. All in all, the song reminds us of The Spice Girls (which makes us feel old), and that's certainly not a bad aesthetic to be going for.

The performance video is filmed in an amusement park, and it seems like an excellent place for a date, but that's not what BINI is there for. The ladies of BINI, in their technicolor outfits, bring serious energy to their performance video of "Pit a Pat." The choreo matches nicely, moving between their serious dance moves and mimicking cute childhood games. One question: am I the only one who can't stop looking at the bright blue boots? I mean, serious fashion statement there.


That's a wrap for April, so tell us: what was your favorite release of April? What are you looking forward to for May?

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