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It's All Sweet and Spicy This Week in the World of P-Pop

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

May 8, 2022 - May 14, 2022

4th Impact

Here We Go | Dance Practice

It’s official, the Queens of P-Pop have only one mode, and it’s fierce. Everyone (ourselves included) is always quick to point out their powerful vocals and forget their insane dancing skills and perfectly in-sync choreography. Their dance practice video put those dancing skills front and center. There isn’t a bad frame in the entire video, reminding us, once again, that these sisters were meant to take the stage together.



Blah Blah | Fanchant Guide

We’re not sure what we expected from KAIA’s fanchant guide, but what we got was pleasantly surprising. We know what we didn’t expect, and it starts with the five girls of KAIA in comfy sweaters with Alexa front and center clutching a stuffed cactus. When the fanchant begins, the girls shift to full-on fangirling mode. The performance of their own fanchant is anything but subtle, and it’s great to see them having fun without an ounce of cringe. We’re so glad that KAIA is here (and adorable).


Press Hit Play

Tell Me | WishBus Performance

The release of Press Hit Play’s WishBus performance of 'Tell Me' is a bittersweet moment for their Pearls. The performance, which was part of the promotion for PPopCon in April, was recorded just before the concert. The performance was every bit as successful as we would expect, given the experience and professionalism of PHP. It’s still bittersweet because this performance was one of their last before the departure of 6th member Yukito on April 25, 2022. PHP has yet to perform as a 5-member group, and we are both nervous and excited to see how the seasoned veterans will deal with the setback.

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