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13 Powerful P-Pop Videos Going Farther In 2022

Updated: Sep 22, 2022

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#10: ‘ABKD’ by ALAMAT (509,000 Views)

It's no secret that it's been a rough year so far for multilingual P-Pop group ALAMAT. 'ABKD' (ABCD) was their comeback song, which premiered first as a lyric video on the first anniversary of the group's debut. The music video debuted eight days later and was ultimately the last music video that ALAMAT would release as an 8-member group. Nonetheless, 'ABKD' has gained notoriety for all the right reasons. It's a bouncy dance track with a serious message of encouraging people (especially youth) who are bullied because of the color of their skin. Sung and rapped in ALAMAT's signature seven languages, it seeks to help bring home the message that every Filipino (make it everyone, for that matter) is equal.

'ABKD' also had a good early push out the gate. It hit 100,000 views in the first 3 days and has maintained decent traction since then. With ALAMAT's comeback just round the corner and the additional hype they've been getting on all their songs as a result? We'll see them in the year-end countdown for sure. For the time being, we are more than happy to stream their impressive current discography, including 'ABKD.'

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#9: 'Best Time' by BGYO (606,000 Views)

The headway that BGYO's OST has gathered is well-deserved; we've written about this track more than once since its release, and with good reason. 'Best Time' is a level-up from their first OST, 'He's Into Her', which was already a great song. There is a lovely duality to this song and music video that we can't get enough of. It mixes upbeat lyrics with an oddly bittersweet melody and aesthetic. With an almost memory-like feeling, the all-English lyrics seem to be sung in retrospect as the boys remember the years of growing up and trying to find themselves.

'Best Time' has been gaining views at a steady pace since its debut on April 22nd. It hit the 500,000 views mark in just over a month and has been gaining since then. The first season OST, 'He's Into Her,' secured a good spot in our Top 10 of 2021 article, so we expect this one to do the same. Although, with the boys having yet to properly comeback, there is definitely a chance of bigger releases to come.

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#8: 'Blah Blah' by KAIA (620,000 Views)

One thing making 2022 so special for P-Pop is the sheer number of successful debuts in the first half, and KAIA is one of them. We got a sneak peek of what they were capable of last year with their pre-debut single, 'KAYA by KAIA,' but 'Blah Blah' is legit. The single follows in the footsteps of their sibling groups as an anthem of empowerment about taking back your control in a toxic relationship. It's also KAIA's first step toward self-creating music. The five members wrote the lyrics with help and guidance from OhWon Lee, their composer.

'Blah Blah' has done well since its premiere, especially for a rookie group. It hit 500,000 views in the first 2 months despite some tough competition. A lot of big names staged comebacks around the time of PPOPCON, but KAIA held their own. With their impressive training, skills, and pedigree of teachers and mentors, it's no surprise that KAIA is poised for greatness in the industry. These girls certainly don't look like rookies to us, and we expect to see them on the year-end list.

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#7: 'Here We Go' by 4th Impact (816,000 Views)

I don't know if we can sing our praises for the Queens of P-Pop often enough. One thing is for sure, the ladies of 4th Impact know how to stage a comeback with a bang. Of course, 'Here We Go' is more than just a comeback; it's a new start for the four sisters who've been in the business since they were teens. When we say that 'Here We Go' was made for the Cercado sisters, we aren't kidding, by the way. The sisters wrote the lyrics in just a day, and they did their own vocal arranging. Meanwhile, the composition was designed specifically to match the Broadway-like quality that composers Choi Young Ho of Handsome People and Dizzy Sunn heard in their voices. It's no surprise when you consider all four singers are classic belters with powerful voices.

"Here We Go' was released on March 25th, and it immediately got love from both new fans and old. Their fans, Dreamers, hit the new song hard and spread the word, pushing the music video to 500,000 views in 5 days. It's only been gaining numbers since then, and with more than 800,000 views in just over 3 months? It's on the fast track to the 1 million views club. With another single releasing soon, we could very well see both 'Here We Go' and their next single on our year-end list.

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#6: 'P.S.' by VXON (927,000 Views)

VXON is another rookie group that isn't messing around this year. They've been dubbed the Monsters Rookies of P-Pop with a good reason; they are taking the industry by storm with their distinct style. Of course, their second single, 'P.S.,' was a drastic change for the group from their debut single. It was marketed as 'a new VXON' for the P-Pop group and certainly lived up to the name. 'P.S.' is an upbeat bubblegum pop song that keeps you bopping along the entire time. It's also no less high energy than their debut single, putting their singing, rapping, and dancing skills on display once again. Like that debut, this single is also flexing their skills at music self-creation; the lyrics were written by members C13, Franz, and Sam.

VXON and their fans, Vixies, certainly aren't messing around when it comes to the views on 'P.S.' either. It's wracked up just shy of 1 million views since its March 31st premiere, putting it on par with the comebacks of some well-known groups. We haven't forgotten that VXON are still rookies, but with this accomplishment (and their debut single), they are serious contenders. We will be surprised if they don't grab that spot on our year-end list.

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#5: 'No Way Man' by MNL48 (1.1 Million Views)

MNL48 is one of the true veterans of the new generation of P-Pop, and it's nothing short of satisfying to see them stage a successful comeback after 15 long months. It's no secret that the pandemic hit artists hard, but maybe none more than large idol groups like MNL48. Even though they operate in teams, most restrictions kept even the 16-member Senbatsu from being in the same space. Though their subgroup, Baby Blue, enjoyed some success during the hiatus, it was nothing compared to the return of the senbatsu and a proper comeback. Like many of their previous releases, 'No Way Man' builds on the legacy of the original music video, which was released by their sister group, AKB48, in 2018. The differences begin when the lyrics are translated from their native Japanese, and the song takes on a more aggressive edge that is uniquely Filipino. The fierce persona doesn't stop at the lyrics, though; it carries over in the music video's cinematography and the dance style itself.

The release of 'No Way Man' proved that (hiatus or no) their fans hadn't gone anywhere. The music video is already part of the 1 million views club, having hit the mark on April 26th, just 25 days after its April 1st release. The momentum has slowed a little since then, but with the high-profile performances coming up for the senbatsu and the anticipated eventual release of a version by the Undergirls, we'd be surprised if the views don't continue to climb. Look for 'No Way Man' on our year-end list.

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#4: 'The Beast' by VXON (1.2 Million Views)

It's not uncommon for P-Pop groups to start their careers singing ballads or bubblegum pop songs; even SB19 began that way. The Monster Rookies of P-Pop decided to take a different route. VXON skipped the bubblegum phase and went straight to the sensual, opulent, and aggressive style of their debut single 'The Beast.' The first video to premiere in 2022, the single took the P-Pop world by storm and put the group straight into the spotlight. 'The Beast' drew in viewers with its combination of dark aesthetic and the seemingly limitless charisma of members C13, Sam, Vince, Franz, and Patrick. The quintet has a gift for gathering attention to themselves and keeping it there.

It wasn't just VXON that skyrocketed into the public's eye. 'The Beast' gained momentum faster than anyone expected, jumping into the 1 million views club in just 5 weeks. The boys are tapping into their potential, and watching as the views, streams, and guestings pile up for the Monsters Rookies of P-Pop is exciting. We'll see them on our year-end list.

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#3: 'Bulan' by FELIP (1.5 Million Views)

With his comeback single, FELIP made serious waves in the industry. Of course, FELIP is best known as the main dancer of P-Pop group SB19, but his forays into solo work have been successful all on their own. 'Bulan' is his sophomore single, and it's a lot heavier than his previous release, 'Palayo' leaning more toward rock and metal beats. The music video, shot in the Ilocos region, is filmed on three dynamic sets and peppered with CGI to create a compelling story interpreted further through dance. Indeed, with his heavy emphasis on the mythology of the Philippines, FELIP is showing what it means to be a modern storyteller.

We want to say we're surprised by the success of 'Bulan,' but both his fans (Sisiw) and the fans of his P-Pop group rose to meet his new solo single. The music video recorded an astonishing 500,000 views in the first 24 hours. It has reached 1.4 million views in just over a month since its May 28th release. His debut single placed #6 on our 2021 list, and we expect nothing less from 'Bulan.' With an average of 44,000 daily views, FELIP and his single have nowhere to go but up.

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#2: ‘La Luna’ by PABLO (1.7 Million Views)

PABLO blindsided everyone with his solo debut. SB19's leader and quintessential songwriter released his single 'La Luna' with little fanfare and even fewer hints on what genre he would be taking on. PABLO showcased his acting skills in a Hitchcock-esque music video, sticking to black and white and minimal graphic effects. The combination only served to focus on his lyrics and message. Using his moniker of 'lone wolf,' he plays on the duality of the werewolf, comparing it to being strong enough to be yourself in all ways.

Since its release on January 28th, 2022, 'La Luna 'has recorded more than 1.7 million views on YouTube. His debut single also joined that 1 million view club after about 5 weeks, which is no small feat. Of course, it helped that he had the support of his Pack and of the fans of his P-Pop group, SB19, to help stream and hype the single. He also made waves in the Hip Hop community, so it's no surprise he's (almost) at the top of this list. Given his traction in the industry and the caliber of his work, we have no doubt he'll have a spot on that final list of the year.

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#1: 'Shout Out' by 1st.One (1.8 Million Views)

P-Pop group 1st.One hit the ground running with an explosive start to 2022. One of the first few videos released in the new year, their comeback single 'Shout Out' made waves for all the right reasons. The single was written by leader Ace in dedication to the Philippine Army and their sacrifices during the Korean War. It's an emotional chapter in Filipino history, especially considering the country was still recovering from WW2. Everything about the music video lends itself to the overarching theme of honoring those sacrifices, including a voiced-over newsreel. Considering that portions of the music video are filmed on an active army base? It's safe to say the support went both ways.

'Shout Out' definitely earned its place as the #1 P-Pop music video of 2022 so far. The video catapulted to 1 million views in the first 4 days after its release. However, like some of its predecessors on this list, the momentum didn't continue. The last 5 months have only bought 1st.One another 800,000 views. Needless to say, like their For.One, we eagerly await a new single to spike those views all over again. In the meantime? We might never be over 'Shout Out.'

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Our Eyes on These

They might not be part of the FamDom yet, but these videos are on our radar for certain. Check out these videos to find out who's rising to the top alongside the giants of P-Pop.

#3: 'Babalik' by G22 (760,000 Views)

P-Pop rookies G22 are making their share of waves in the industry, and we've had our eye on them for some time. In fact, they're getting two special mentions from us in this very article. 'Babalik' was released on May 27th as their second single. They seem to be taking inspiration from their sibling group with a drastic change from their debut single. 'Babalik' is an ethereal song that pushes the girls into their upper register and gives them ample opportunity to flex their vocal skills. The whole MV has a dreamy quality that sets nicely against the lyrics about a relationship gone sour.

The best news? 'Babalik' is making noise in the P-Pop community. It's collected 760,000 views in just over 30 days, which is impressive for a rookie group on their second single. The group is definitely on an upward trajectory, and we foresee big things in their future. We're not sure if 'Babalik or 'Bang' will make our year-end list this time, but if they keep to this pace, G22 will have a few more successes this year - and we can't wait to hear them.

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#2: 'Bang' by G22 (785,000 Views)

P-Pop's newest caliber is evident with the 4-member rookie group, G22. Their debut single, the aptly named 'Bang,' was just the ticket to break into the Pinoy Pop scene with, well, a bang. We cringed too; it's okay. Like many music videos (especially from girl groups) this year, 'Bang' is another song about empowerment and taking their place at the top. The music video has a gritty and post-apocalyptic feel, bringing all the more attention to the artists flexing some legit dancing skills.

We've had our eye on G22 since their debut. All four girls are serious belters with some impressive dancing skills. After seeing them perform live at PPOPCON Day Two, we're still unsure how they can sing while pulling off such challenging choreography. The behind-the-scenes interviews from PPOPCON Extra only made them look better. P-Pop fans seem to agree. 'Bang' hit 500,000 views in just under a month, proving they could hold their own against some other high-profile releases. Their fanbase, called Bullets, is only increasing. Not only do we think we'll see them on our year-end list, but we're pretty sure they'll join our regular FamDom soon.

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#1: 'Bling Bling' by DIONE (1.3 Million Views)

DIONE made the bold move of debuting on the PPOPCON stage before they'd even released their first music video, and the bet paid off big time for the rookie group. Structured around the story of 4 ordinary girls who dream of being famous, the music video for 'Bling Bling' is every bit as expensive as the name implies. It's filled with sparkling lights, high fashion, expensive cars, and (of course) the beautiful girls of DIONE. The rookie group is also hitting a genre for which we've yet to see another P-Pop girl group shoot. 'Bling Bling' is an EDM pop song that reminds us of a mix of American pop and the sounds of the KPop supergroup, Blackpink. Combined with the Tagalog lyrics, it makes for a unique sound that could very well be a new genre for P-Pop.

When we say that the bet paid off, we mean it. Bolstered by the success of their PPOPCON performance, 'Bling Bling' joined the 1 million views club just 11 days after the music video dropped on April 29th. This makes it one of the fastest on our list to make the mark. The views have slowed some since, but the momentum of this group is fantastic. With only 2 singles so far, we see some serious gains in their future. We've got our sights set firmly on this group, not only for our year-end list but for joining the FamDom with their sibling group as well.

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Who's Missing?

There are some heavy-hitters missing from that list above, so what's the deal? Check out below what the missing P-Pop giants are up to.


It's been just over a year since P-Pop group SB19's last comeback song 'What?' They've released an E.P. and 4 music videos since then, meaning that 2021 was a busy year for the Kings of P-Pop. Given all that, it's no surprise they're taking their time to rest before their next comeback. Their fandom, A'tin, still had plenty to celebrate in 2022. It's been a busy year for live performances in particular, with the boys' two triumphant returns to Araneta Coliseum and the Wish Bus scoring top place. Two members have also released solo singles, with both making our midyear list.

Given that SB19 proudly held four out of ten positions in our Top 10 Music Videos of 2021 list for last year, it's safe to say they will secure a spot this year as well (if not more than one). At this point, it's just a matter of waiting for their comeback and the release of their previously performed songs, 'Where You AT' and 'Nyebe .' Don't worry, we are waiting patiently. Rest well, Boys.

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BINI's comeback is still hot off the presses, having only been released on June 24th. The bubblegum pop anthem 'Lagi' (Always) is making some serious waves already. It's a quintessential summer bop with nearly 275,000 views in its first week (about 37,000 a day). Honestly? With this kind of momentum, we'd be surprised if we don't see them on the year-end list. We all know that the BL♾MS are always there for their girls.

BINI's only other music video in 2022 so far was their 'Na Na Na' music video, a response to fan requests for an MV for the song from their debut album, Born To Win. It has gained similar views so far this year, with 237,000 views since its release on June 8th, 2022. It's no secret that fresh music videos always do better, so for now? Our money's on 'Lagi' for the year-end list.

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Press Hit Play

We hate to say it, but Press Hit Play just isn't getting much momentum on their music videos and in the industry, and we're not sure why. Press Hit Play are absolute aces. Most of the members have more than a decade of experience and training in the industry, and their singing, dancing, and rapping are all world-class. They're also incredibly well-connected in the industry, with SB19's Pablo as a former member before he left to train with ShowBT Philippines.

Press Hit Play has released one single this year, their retro-inspired dance track, 'Tell Me.' The song is a serious blast from the past that reminds us of the 1980s. Like their debut single, 'WIN,' the whole thing feels bright and technicolor, and its execution is basically perfect. We're not sure what's going on, especially after former leader Yukito’s unexpected departure, but we're hoping for some traction for this fantastic group because, honestly? They deserve it.

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The Juans

Music videos for The Juans tend to be a bit hit or miss. They've had singles, like 'Hindi Tayo Pwede,' go absolutely viral in the past. They've also had songs that were mostly successful with their fans, the Juanistas. Their only music video release in 2022 seems to be one of the latter. 'Liwanag' is the title track from their first-ever full album of the same name. The album is an epic anthology of the love among families, lovers, and with a higher power. 'Liwanag' is a moving song about hope and rebuilding after tragedy, which is evident in the music video's scenes of the tragic aftermath of Typhoon Odette, which tore through the Visayas region of the Philippines in December 2021.

So, why no spot on the list so far? 'Liwanag' (both the album and the song) are just gaining traction slower than anyone would like. The music video has 135,000 views to date. The Juans’ style reminds us of the early days of P-Pop when no one quite knew where to put groups like SB19 and MNL48. The Juans self-described as a Pop/Rock band, and honestly? We think they are still finding a permanent niche within the OPM industry. They've also had their own problems since the release with the loss of their drummer, Josh Coronel, who had to leave the band for personal reasons. We REALLY want to see The Juans on our year-end list, so we will be watching closely.

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A few of our soloists haven't made the list yet, and with good reason. Alex Bruce, Tank Bautista, and AC Bonifacio simply haven't released any music videos this year. All three are known for more sporadic releases, thanks to other commitments. Alex did release a new single, 'Dime Girls' at the end of last year, but it wasn't accompanied by a music video. Our eyes are currently on Tank, who has been teasing the possibility of an upcoming single.

Josue released his first music video this year along with an E.P. 'Bulalakaw' (Shooting Star) was the lead single from his album Alas Dos. The album has the distinct feel of a journal set to music, with 'Bulalakaw' as part of that journey. The music video matches the tone nicely, but the real masterpiece is in the track's composition. It uses the subtle notes of a music box as a backdrop for Josue's signature aggressive rap style. Our take? Josue is new to the scene, and soloists, especially progressive ones, are bound to have some trouble breaking into the scene. Josue's time is coming; we've got no worries on that front.

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